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Best shops in Vienna to buy fashion

sight title.001

The beautiful capital of Austria has more to offer than just waltz and Wiener Schnitzel; it is an international melting pot and a great place to buy fashion, with plenty of luxury fashion houses in its city centre. But the best shops for fashion in Vienna are as diverse as its inhabitants; this is why you can find many smaller and trendier shops out of the 1st district. These are the go-to stores of the fashion-savvy in Vienna because they fly under the radar.

To help you navigate shopping like a pro, we hand-picked the best shops in Vienna to buy fashion.


Photo of the inside of the fashion shop Song, in Vienna.
Photo courtesy of Song.

Located on Praterstrasse 11-13, in the 2nd district, Song represents some of the most radical ideas in fashion, but the store also houses art exhibitions and presents furniture design. So visit Song if you’re looking for one of the best shops in Vienna to buy fashion. In fact, you will see garments and accessories from fashion brands that go from Balenciaga and Stephen Jones millinery to the Belgian fashion designer Dirk Van Saene. But there’s also furniture and other pieces from various designers, like for example, the Austrian artist Mathis Esterhazy and the Dutch Piet Hein Eek, one of Europe’s most prominent leaders in sustainable art and design.


Unikatessen sells unique pieces and limited editions in Vienna.
Photo courtesy of Unikatessen.

The concept store located in the 4th district, on Margaretenstrasse 45, sells, as the name suggests, unique pieces and limited editions, perfect for those who like to wear looks you don’t see everywhere. You will find minimalist garments and statement accessories from young fashion and furniture designers.

Pregenzer Fashion Store

The Pregenz fashion store in the 4th district.
Photo courtesy of Pregenz.

Julia Pregenzer created her namesake store to offer clothing and accessories with attention to details. This is one of the best shops in Vienna for durable materials, finest workmanship and affordable prices. Pregenzer has her own fashion line but also sells selected brands. Fashion consultants are available for personal style advice at the shop located on Schleifmühlgasse 4, in the 4th district.

We Bandits

We Bandits, the best shop in Vienna for South Korean and Scandinavian fashion.
Photo courtesy of We Bandits.

This cool store carries 95 brands from South Korea and Scandinavia. Check their unique collections on Neubaugasse 36, in the 7th district. We Bandits is the go-to shop for quirky fashion in Vienna. You’ll love their fashionable yet timeless pieces like maxi floral dresses and fun earrings and pins.


Sight, the go-to address for clean lines and sustainable fashion in Vienna.
Photo by @mario_kies, courtesy of Sight

With a focus on ready-to-wear, Sight promotes emerging designers, both local and international, as well as its own brand, Sightline. Opened in 2007 by Vivienne Sakura Brands, Sight specialises on fashion with clean lines and easy silhouettes and focuses on ethical and sustainable production. Sight is for sure among the best shops in Vienna for minimalist and effortless chic office outfits. It is also where you can find the über-cool Japanese denim fashion in Vienna. The shop is on Neubagasse 46, 7th district.

Park Concept Store

Park, one of the fist concept stores in the Austrian capital.
Photo courtesy of Park Concept Store.

Considered by many as the top of the best shops in Vienna, Park is the city’s first concept store. It opened its doors in 2004 on Mondscheingasse 20, in the 7th district. Markus Strasser and Helmut Ruthner curate avant-garde and contemporary fashion, art and print media. In the store’s 500 m2 you can find from Austrian fashion labels like Petar Petrov and Pelican Avenue to international brands like Ann Demeulemeester, Acne, Dries Van Noten and Raf Simon, among many others, including emerging designers. Besides fashion, you’ll also find accessories, jewellery, books and magazines, and even vintage furniture displayed in the two-floored store.


Photo showing NFive, a concept store in Austria.
Photo courtesy of NFive

Also in the trendy 7th district, NFive is on Neubaugasse 5. The concept store was created to be a platform for clean and minimalist design and fashion in Vienna. NFive carries mainly Scandinavian brands, but also Austrian and international designers. Besides fashion, you can also shop high-quality shoes and bags, accessories and textiles at one of the best shops in Vienna.

Title photo courtesy of Sight.

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Is vintage Rolex a good investment?

Is vintage Rolex a good investment_1

If you are wondering whether buying a vintage Rolex is a good investment, you may like to know that the second most expensive wristwatch ever sold at an auction was a vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona.

Paul Newman Daytona

The Rolex that fetched 17.7 million dollars in the 2017 auction was not made in gold or platinum. In fact, one of the most desired watches in the world is a simple steel chronograph. One of the things that makes this wristwatch so unique is that it had belonged to Paul Newman. The actor wore the Rolex Daytona reference 6239 from 1972 to 1985, making it his signature style. This specific model became so associated with the star of Butch Cassidy that it got the nickname Paul Newman Daytona. 

Panda dial and racing drivers

With the exotic white dial and three contrasting sub-dials in black, the vintage Rolex Daytona has what is called a Panda dial. The Panda dial was designed to help racing drivers calculate the average speed by measuring elapsed time. Rolex named this watch Daytona in reference to Daytona in Florida, famous for its racing track. Besides being an actor, Newman was also a racing driver; a pretty good one too. In fact, he arrived second at a Le Mans 24-hours race. And he always wore his Rolex while pursuing his true passion, racing.

What a present!

In 1984, Newman gave his white Rolex to his daughter’s then-boyfriend, James Cox. Thirty-three years later, Cox got 17.7 million dollars for the watch. Now talk about a good investment!

Black and white

Considered as one of the most stylish men of his time, the Hollywood star also had a second Rolex Daytona with a black dial. Both watches were given to him by his wife Joanna Woodward and had special messages engraved at the back. The engraving on the white watch reads “Drive carefully. Me“, and the one on the black one she gave him a few years later says “Drive slowly. Joanne“. These personal messages make the watches even more valuable.

Vintage Paul Newman Rolex watches are rare

Rolex manufactured the original Cosmograph Daytona watch, which was hand-winded, from 1963 to the late ’80s. But only very few came with the “exotic” dial because they were slow to sell. It is estimated that Rolex manufactured 2,000 to 3,000 of the “Paul Newman” dial variants. Because of their rarity, these vintage Rolex watches are a good investment. They were sold at around 300 dollars when introduced, but in 2013, for example, a rare Daytona in steel fetched over a million dollars at Christie’s.

Any doubts that a vintage Rolex is a good investment?

If you are planning on buying a Rolex watch; the price of a new Daytona starts at 15.000 Euros, while a vintage one can fetch around 10 to 20 times more. Recently, a video showing the shock of an Air Force veteran went viral. The man had bought a Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona in 1974 for 345 dollars but ended up never wearing it. He kept it in its original box and 40 years later, found out that his watch was worth around 600.000 Euros. Have a look at this incredible story here.

Even if you don’t want to buy a watch to later sell it, a vintage Rolex is an investment worth making because Rolex watches are timeless, so you can pass them down from one generation to the next.

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What happened to Paul Newman’s black dial Rolex?

According to Rolex Magazine, the Daytona with black dial is alive and ticking on the wrist of the actor’s youngest daughter, Clea Newman. And, no, she has no intention of selling it. Clea explains that “it had been given to him by my mother, so although it is his watch, it is also somehow hers too, which makes it very much the most precious thing I own“.

Clea Newman-wearing Paul Newman Daytona.

Clea Newman-wearing Paul Newman Daytona

More about luxury watches? Check the top 10 luxury watches and read all about Breitling Top Time Limited Edition.

Photos by Jake’s Rolex World.  

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New dramedy: Lily Collins stars on Netflix Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris - Lily Collins.001

Good news for all those who miss Carrie Bradshaw and her fabulous outfits and Manolos in Sex and the City; the new dramedy with British-American actress Lily Collins, Emily in Paris, will give us our daily fix of fashionable women-led romantic comedies.

The daughter of musician Phil Collins will star in the upcoming TV series from Darren Star, the creator of Sex in The City, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Younger. With such an impressive curriculum filled with TV hits, you can be sure that Emily in Paris will be another addictive Netflix series you won’t be able to stop watching! 

Why is Emily in Paris?

Actress Lily Collins in a black dress in a party in Paris, in the new Netflix series Emily in Paris.

The dramedy with Lily Collins on Netflix follows the adventures – and misadventures – of a twenty-something marketing executive. The young American moves from her native Chicago to Paris after landing her dream job. Her task is to revamp the social media of a French luxury marketing firm that her company acquires.

As you can imagine, her move won’t be exactly smooth. To begin with, Emily doesn’t speak any French, and as we know, French people aren’t big fans of Americans. So you can expect to see fun cultural clashes and many faux pas of the character of Lily Collins on Netflix. Making friends and winning over her colleagues in the French company are big challenges for Emily, especially because she has strong opinions about how to do things. Naturally, she will find out that the American way isn’t always the best. And being a romantic comedy, of course, Emily falls in love in Paris. She will need to learn how to navigate international romances.

What does Emilie wear in Paris?

Two scenes of Emiliy in Paris showing the great outfits by costume designer Patricia Field.

We couldn’t hope to see better costume designers dress Lily Collins on Netflix! Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field are the costume designers responsible for the wardrobe of the series perfect for fashion lovers. As you might remember, Field famously worked in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex in the City. Peris Costumes collaborates in this project, and we loved the super stylish outfits we’ve seen so far in the photos of the newest Netflix series 2020.

Who is in Paris with Emilie?

French actress Camille Razat stars in the Netflix series with Lily Collins on Netflix.

Besides the star of Mirror, Mirror and To the Bone, the cast of Emily in Paris includes international actors. The French characters are played by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, and Bruno Gouery. Additionally, Ashley Park, Arnaud Viard and William Abadie appear in the Netflix series. And Grey’s Anatomy Kate Walsh plays Emily’s Chicago-based mentor.

When can we see Lily Collins on Netflix?

Scene of Emily in Paris, the new series with LilyCollins on Netflix.

The 10 episode-show still doesn’t have a fixed date to premiere, but it should hit Netflix this Fall. Star is not only the creator but also the writer and executive producer of the show. She says “MTV Studios and I couldn’t hope for a more perfect home for Emily In Paris than Netflix”. And then adds, “With their international reach, we are excited to share Emily with audiences around the world“. We too, are excited and can’t wait to watch Emily in Paris with the cute and talented Lily Collins on Netflix!

Photos courtesy of Netflix and via @lilycollins