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Power exfoliation: 8 benefits for your skin

Power exfoliation: 8 benefits for your skin.001

The exfoliation benefits are undeniable; it is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine, and you can feel the results immediately on your skin. But besides being relaxing, do you know all the benefits of exfoliation on face and body? What’s more, do you know that there are different types of exfoliation? Keep reading to know the eight best exfoliation benefits, and find out why and how often you should exfoliate to achieve glowing and ageless skin.

How does power exfoliation work?

Our bodies are incredible. Every four hours, the layers of the skin are renewed. The outer layer consists of older cells, which are dead, and the body will shed eventually. Depending on the time of the year, the beauty products you use, and even your diet, the natural shedding can take longer or not. Among the best exfoliation benefits is the power of accelerating this process, removing the outer layer on your skin, and exposing the younger and fresher one.

Are physical and chemical exfoliation the same?

Although the exfoliation benefits of both serve the same purpose, that is peeling, physical and chemical exfoliation work in different ways. Chemical exfoliation uses the famous AHA’s. Salicylic, glycolic or lactic acids and enzymes loosen the intercellular substance that “glues” the cells onto the surface of the skin hence peeling away the outer layer.

The physical or mechanical exfoliation uses cosmetics with granules. The best exfoliation you can do at home is by gently massaging your skin with these cosmetics to detach the dead cells from the superficial layer of the epidermis. You can also use skin brushes or rough gloves and sponges to get the same exfoliation benefits. Additionally, there’s the professional ablative laser that works on a deeper level.

Now, have a look at the 8 exfoliation benefits and we’re sure you will never skip the key step of your beauty regimen again.

Power cleansing

The best exfoliation cleanses deeply the skin. While removing the superficial cells, it also removes all debris and impurities from your face and body.

Goodbye dry elbows and knees

One of the most welcome benefits of exfoliation, at least for me, is that it improves the appearance of knees and elbows. Mature skin becomes dryer, especially in these parts of the body and heels. Power exfoliation removes the dry and cracked layers of skin.

Goodbye acne

Because exfoliation removes the dirt and impurities that can clog the pores, you can say goodbye to blackheads and acne. But that’s not all. Regular exfoliation also removes the superficial layers with extra pigmentation, leaving the texture of your skin smoother and flawless.

Hello luminosity

Among all the exfoliation benefits, you will see that your skin looking younger and glowing. Since you remove the dead cells, the layer with younger and fresher cells is now apparent. This process produces collagen, which increases the luminosity of your skin and keeps it firmer too.

Beauty products work more effectively

Now that the best exfoliation has removed the superficial layer and unclogged the pores, the ingredients in your cosmetics can penetrate the skin and work more effectively.

Plump lips

Lips also need exfoliation, the same as your face and body. Use lips scrubs to eliminate dead and dry skin for soft lips.

How about your scalp?

Don’t forget your scalp, your hair will thank you. The scalp exfoliation benefits are many; it removes build-up and impurities and improves micro-circulation. The result of the best hair exfoliation is a healthy scalp and hydrated and shining mane.

Exfoliation benefits during summer

Don’t be afraid of exfoliating in the summertime. In fact, by exfoliating weekly, the skin looks smoother and your tan, more homogenous. Additionally, it helps you tan last longer. And one more tip: to help your skin keep super-hydrated, especially during summer, do drink plenty of coconut water. Find out why here.

How often should you exfoliate?

Normally, the best exfoliation regimen would be once or twice a week, before applying your hydration cosmetics and sunscreen. Some exfoliators are very gentle, allowing you to use them daily; make sure to follow the instructions. Depending on your skin, if it’s very sensitive or dry, enzyme peels can be better than using a scrub.

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Title photo via @dear_klairs

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Find the best staycation outfits for any weather


Summer vacations this year are a bit different for most of us. Coronavirus disrupted travel plans and we’re staying in the city. Luckily, there’s plenty to do, and we’re sure our selection of staycation outfits will inspire you. Find here the best vacation looks to stroll in the city or go for long walks in the park, along the river or by some beautiful lake.

And since the climate has been anything but predictable this summer, we hand-picked multi-purpose outfits that will allow you to enjoy your vacations in the city, no matter what the weather is.

From swimsuits and bikinis to windbreakers and kagoules, your staycation outfits must be practical but stylish. And you mustn’t forget to complete your outfits with super comfortable and on-trend Teva or Jelly sandals to enjoy the vacations in the city fully.

Our editors select independently all products featured on Notorious-mag. However, when you buy through our links, we may get a commission.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is one of the colours we’ve been wearing this spring/summer. One of the reasons we love staycation outfits in pink for summer is because this hue looks fantastic on sun-kissed skin. You can read here what’s the meaning of this colour.

Pink garments for summer staycation outfits.
Moschino colour-block windbreakerTibi Bermuda shortsOnia striped swimsuitViktor & Rolf Jelly sandalsMiu Miu sunglasses.

Like in the Pampas

This poncho-like raincoat will make you feel like you are in the Argentinian Pampas!

Leopard bikini, denim shorts, Teva sandals and raincoat for the best all-weather vacation looks.
Melissa Odabash bikini top and briefsPenfield Wynne PonchoStella McCartney denim shortsBirkenstock sandalsSpektre sunglasses.

Staycation outfits with flowers

We made sure your staycation outfits look great whether at the beach in South America or in town. The orchids on this elegant bikini, for example, take you straight to a tropical paradise.

One of the best vacation looks: an elegant orchid bikini and floral dress to enjoy summer in the city.
Tory Burch dressGiorgio Armani sunglassesAgua Bendita bikini top and briefsAnd Other Stories clutchMelissa sandals.

Best vacation looks come in primary colours

Primary colours rhyme with summer vacation looks. And because the bright hues are joyful and fun; they’re perfect for your staycation outfits.

Poncho-like raincoat, top, shorts,slide sandals and sunglasses in bright colours for joyful staycation outfits.
Acne Studios raincoatCult Gaia shortsGanni topAcne Studios sunglassesValentino slides.

Staycation outfits in animal prints

The shimmering jacket adds a touch of glamour to the leopard biker shorts. By the way, you can wear this jacket and leggings not only with your best vacation looks but also to go to the office, adding a beige blazer.

The best vacation looks include shimmering jacket, leopard leggings, bucket hat and trekking sandals.
Kenzo jacketMelissa Odabash bandeau topGanni biker shortsAnd Other Stories bucket hatDKNY sandals.

Rainbow outfits

We love the positiveness and cheerfulness of the rainbow colours, so among the staycation outfits, we picked beautiful garments to wear come rain or shine. And if you are wondering which jewellery to pair with the vacation looks, check Alina Abegg’s Sugar High collection.

Garments in the colours of the rainbow for cheerful staycation outfits.
Zadig & Voltaire sweatshirtRay-Ban sunglassesRoxanne Assoulin braceletsÊtre Cécile dressArizona Love sandals.
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Karlie Kloss empowers young girls with coding camp

karliy Kloss Kode Kloss.001

As the American fashion model Karlie Kloss celebrates her 28th birthday, we’d like to congrats her as a role model, inspiring and empowering young girls through her coding camp Kode With Klossy.

Karlie Kloss; model and science nerd

One of the best-known faces in fashion, the stylish Karlie Kloss says she is also a math and science nerd. Being curious to understand how Instagram and other apps worked, she took her first coding course in 2014 and discovered she loved to code. “It opened my eyes to the power of code and all the ways this very technical language can be used in very creative ways.” She adds, “Women who have these skills have the power to shape our future. Now, more than ever, women need to have a seat at the table in shaping the technologies that are shaping our world.

View this post on Instagram

FOCUS'T! 👩‍💻 (📸: @flytographer)

A post shared by Kode With Klossy (@kodewithklossy) on

Why Karlie launched a coding camp

Karlie Kloss decided to found the coding camp Kode With Klossy when she noticed that women earned only 18% of the undergraduate computer science degrees and that most public schools in the USA do not offer computer science courses. In 2015, for example, only 25% of the computing workforce were women.

Kode with Klossy is a two-week summer course aimed at girls between 15 and 18 years old. With her coding camps, Kloss hopes to help close the gap of gender disparity in technology. The result is inspiring, of all the girls who’ve taken the course, 90% chose to pursue opportunities in computer science.

Kode With Klossy gives superpowers

The successful fashion supermodel (she was on Forbe’s highest-paid model list in 2014) wants to give girls superpowers. With 8.7m followers on Instagram, Karlie Kloss often takes the social media platform to promote her coding camp. By offering the free summer course, she wants to increase women’s confidence. Additionally, Kloss aims to inspire them to pursue their passions in a technology-driven world. Anyone can apply for a scholarship at Kode With Klossy.

From supermodel to role model

In the past five years, Kode With Klossy has grown and expanded across 25 cities. Thousands of girls have had the opportunity to learn how to code. We think Karlie Kloss is much more than a supermodel; she is a role model helping to shape a better world. Congratulations!

Have a look at what some of the young women who went to the summer coding camp have achieved so far:

And here you can read another inspiring story of a young woman using her celebrity status to change the world into a better place.

Title photo @karliekloss

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Miu Miu Fall 2020 takes us to a glamorous bygone era

Miu Miu Fall 2020.001

Miuccia Prada takes us to Hollywood’s Golden Era with Miu Miu Fall 2020 collection. Prada’s younger line was presented in an atmosphere of a chic movie premiere. The models walked on an Art-Deco carpet looking like sophisticated Hollywood divas of a bygone era in this glamorous fall runway show. 

Glamorous yet easy-to-wear

The star of Euphoria, 16-year-old Storm Reid opened the show in a long crushed satin dress with a tweed coat, the first of of many glamorous fall looks. By the way, crushed satin fits perfectly our Zeitgeist and the post-pandemic trend of easy-to-wear clothes that need no ironing.

Statement hair pin and crushed satin gown for a glamorous fall 2020 collection.

Pixie Geldolf, Kaia Gerber, and the sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid walked down the runway in luxurious fall looks. They were joined by the British singer Rita Ora. The gorgeous model Adut Akech also walked for Miu Miu Fall 2020 show during Paris Fashion Week.

Old Hollywood divas

Exuding Old Hollywood star power, models donned looks that included bejewelled sheer mesh bodysuits and skirts, and military coats embellished with glittering crystals.

Beside glitter and glam, we also saw elegant sartorial numbers. Tartan and leopard prints came in chic skirt suits and coats. The fall looks cinched in at the waist with leather belts had a typical ’40s silhouette. Adut Akech and Bella Hadid also had thick belts marking their waists in knitted playsuits with nautical inspiration.

Fluffy red coat, tartan skirt and ankle boots in Miu Miu Fall 2020 campaign.

Wavy hairdos, big flower pins and dramatic cat-eye makeup added glam to this glamorous fall collection that made us look forward to partying again in fall 2020!

Partying like it’s 1990

The late ’80s and ’90s were also present at Miu Miu Fall 2020. For instance, the sheer dress that ended in a taffeta balloon skirt worn by Iris, the daughter of Jude Law. Additionally, Pixie Geldorf’s taffeta dress, which presented puffy sleeves and balloon skirt with a wide red waistband, looked like something her mother, Paula Yates, could have worn to a fun party in the early ’90s.

Prada balanced Miu Miu Fall 2020 collection combining sheer fabrics, chunky knitwear and fluffy coats for a glamorous fall. The Italian fashion designer’s choice of colours for her fall looks contrasted black with primary hues such as red, yellow and military green.

Sheer top embellished with crystals and knitwear with nautical inspiration for Miu Miu Fall 2020.

The campaign

Miu Miu F/W 2020 beautiful campaign was shot by several photographers. Each one created images on the theme proximity, so precious in these times of social distancing. The photographers shot subjects with whom they have an intimate relationship wearing beautiful fall looks. For example, the boyfriend of Kate Moss, Nikolai von Bismarck, photographed her daughter Lila Moss at home.

Other photographers include Steve Mackey, Liz Collins, Douglas Irvine and Amber Pinkerton. Bella Hadid was one of the models donning luxurious fall looks for the campaign.

Have a look at the highlights of Miu Miu Fall 2020 collection.

Photos courtesy of Miu Miu

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The Royal Family war game: Are you team Meghan or Kate?


Reading all the birthday messages the royal family has just sent Meghan Markle, including the Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, it is hard to imagine that only a couple of days ago, extracts of Harry and Meghan’s upcoming biography have come out in the newspaper The Times. The bombshell book, Finding Freedom, supposedly tells the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s side of the story about the royal family war and the couple’s infamous stepping back from royal duties after rumours of rifts between the brothers and competition between the “Duelling Duchesses”.

William and Kate, Harry and Meghan, the main people in the upcoming book Finding Freedom.

Prince William and Kate are said to be devastated by Finding Freedom that will make public even more private matters of the family. Understandably, the relationship between the two couples, that were once known as the “Fab Four”, is now stilted and difficult. And after the release of Finding Freedom, a reconciliation and end to the royal family war seem even more difficult, sadly.

The British people, and the world, are divided. Legions of royal fans feel betrayed by Harry and Meghan and their constant whining and drama. Others believe the bitter stories told in Finding Freedom and think the Duchess wasn’t treated fairly, by the tabloids, the royal family, and, especially, by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal family war between William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan.

Take our Quiz Test to find out if you are pro-Meghan or pro-Kate.

1- You married into a clan and you have your own ideas and a strong sense of independence:

A – You earn the trust of your in-laws before starting to introduce your changes.

B – In your point of view, the clan married to you, they are the ones who have to adapt to you.

C – You would never marry into a clan. 

2 – Your husband’s granny wants to lend you some jewellery for your wedding day:

A – You gladly accept whatever she wants to lend you.

B – You make it clear that you want something big and important. Why not a tiara with emeralds instead of one with only diamonds?

C – She doesn’t lend you something, she gives you a beautiful piece of jewellery.

3 –  Your husband has a big family. Everybody lives in the same house and shares everything; staff, holiday house, work…

A – You listen carefully to your husband’s advices to avoid feuds.

B –  You make it clear, from the beginning, that finding your freedom is crucial.    

C –  You’re not crazy to marry a guy like that.

4- You got married to a guy with a huge social life and many public engagements:

A – You are independent and modern, so you try to be supportive while gaining confidence; you know you will find your voice with time.

B – You think – and tell your husband and whoever wants to listen – “Everybody hates me”.

C – You think: “I need to go shopping”.

5 – You have an audience, a stage, and a microphone. How do you begin your speech?

A – You are an amazing group of people that shows us how to make things better…

B – I’m amazing, since I was a kid, and I once said in a speech…

C – Sorry, we’re having technical issues, maybe another day…

6- Your father is invited to talk about you in the press. What will he say?

A – Good things, because you have a good relationship with your family.

B – Your father, your half-sister and your half-brother hate you. They want to destroy you and say terrible things about you. You sue them.

C – He says you’re his daughter, whatever that means.

7- You want to lead a life far from the paparazzis:

A – You are in the public eye as little as possible.

B – You write a book about how hard your life is and how persecuted you are.

C – What is Paparazzi; a kind of Italian pasta with tomatoes?


If your answers are mostly A; you are Kate Middleton Team. This means you are prudent and want to know the lay of the land first. You understand your job and take it seriously. Like Princess Diana who said: “I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them“, instead of expecting to be loved by people in the first place.

If your answers are mainly B; you are Meghan Markle team. You have the worst PR strategy in the world, feeling like the eternal victim. Like Meghan, who despite being loved by the vast majority of the British people, who were happy and proud of having a modern and mixed-race princess, accused them of being racists.

If your answers are mostly C; you are in our team. You don’t want to marry into a clan or have a public life, but you know how to enjoy life with the gifts you receive and the family you have. And with qualities and defects, you do your best to live life decently.

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6 style tips for a summer like no other

6 style tips for a summer like no other.001

We indeed couldn’t have predicted a summer like this year’s, with social distancing and many of us still working from home because of coronavirus. With our new lifestyle, also came some changes in the way we dress that are actually quite positive. Having these changes in mind, here are six summer outfit ideas and style tips for a season like no other before.

Wrinkles are beautiful

The stylish Lucy Chadwick during NYFW in a wrinkled shirt.

Photo @ mameyelnuevonegro

If there is something I’ve learned during the lockdown, it is that life is too short for ironing. And I’m not the only one feeling this way. So one of the most important style tips for summer is that you can wear a fashion that is practical. In other words, clothes that are easy to wear, either because they don’t crease or because they look fab when wrinkled. Issey Miyake’s line Pleats Please is an excellent example of creased clothes that look absolutely beautiful. Jason Wu S/S 2020 collection and the high street giant Zara have plenty of wrinkled summer outfit ideas that allow you to look stylish without having all the hassle of ironing. Do as Lucy Chadwick and pair your creased shirt with a pleated skirt for an effortless look.

Venturing out in your pyjamas

Vintage queen, Pernille Rosenkilde

via @prosenkilde

This season, you won’t need to leave your pyjamas at home. You can take your comfortable pyjamas out to lunch with your friends and even to the office. But one of the important style tips for summer is: make sure you’re wearing glamorous pyjama-sets like the Danish influencer Pernille Rosenkilde. And don’t forget to add some lux with a designer bag so that nobody thinks you’re going to bed.

Ugly sandals

Chanel sandals are the favourite on Instagram

Photo @ vp_styling

From Teva to Birkenstock and Dr Matens Fisherman Sandal, the chunky ugly sandals have come out the pandemic like the heroes of summer footwear. Not to mention all the luxury fashion houses that presented their version of utilitarian sandals. Among them are The Row, Prada, Rick Owens, and Valentino. These hiking sandals are super comfortable walking shoes hence ideal for those avoiding public transport. Additionally, they will transition smoothly to fall when paired with socks. No matter if you choose the traditional models or the ones with chunky tractor-like soles. The Birkenstock-style footwear is the new go-to sandals of Heidi Klum and Paris Jackson.

Fancy top – comfy bottom

Jogging pants can look sophisticated with the right styling.

Photo @pernilleteisbaek

During these long months working from home, we’ve gotten used to dressing up from the waist up for Zoom meetings. But we wear comfortable pants and flat shoes that nobody sees while we sit in front of our screens. Going back to the office doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put your comfy pants back in the wardrobe. Here are some handy style tips for summer 2020. Just add a statement bag and a blazer or pair your comfortable trousers with stylish shoes and bold jewellery to elevate your outfit, and you’re ready to hit the streets in comfort and style.

Easy style tips for summer to sparkle on screen

Bold chain necklaces for an elevated on-screen look.

Photo @marlaaaron

Another styling trick we’ve gotten used to lately is to get ready for video calls with sparkling accessories. You’ll look more dress-up on screen, even when still in our sweatpants! This year’s jewellery trend of chunky chain necklaces and oversized hoops turned out to be very handy indeed. Bold jewels are a must this summer, especially when wearing masks that cover half our faces.

Almost-monochromatic summer outfit ideas 

The French it-girl Leia Sfez in a chic white and ivory look.

Photo @leiasfez

Forget Ebony and Ivory this season. Instead, pair white and ivory in almost-monochromatic looks. Choose from your wardrobe any white t-shirt or shirt. Simply add ivory skirt or trousers and a statement bag like the always chic French it-girl, Leia Sfez. The cream and white combination is fresh and more contemporary than the all-white summer look. We spotted this colour duo at AWAKE Mode, and Rejina Pyo S/S2020 runway shows for example. Additionally, we keep seeing on Instagram stylish women like Alexa Chung and Pernille Teisbaek embracing the almost-monochromatic summer style.

Title photo courtesy And Other Stories