6 must-have items to add to your New Year’s wishlist  Self-gifts.

We hope your festive season was a blast, a generous time when you gave and received presents, attention and love. But the beginning of the year is the perfect time for you to make your wishlist with the things you would like to have received as a gift or that you wish you had bought but ended up not having time. So, here are a few items you can include in your New Year’s Wishlist to make your 2022 even more exciting.

That perfect dainty handbag

collage with three handle bags for your new years wishlist

There’s no self-gift like a handbag! For something truly unique, search for some amazing handle bags via Italian accessory sites like Mirta. It’s like getting Italian craftsmanship and quality shipped directly to whoever you are. Handle bags are ideal if you’ve got a more elevated style or when you intend to use it as a finishing touch to a smarter outfit.

Self-care subscription box


This monthly self-care subscription kit is curated by therapists and includes hand creams, essential oils and other products to inspire self-love and relaxation. Every box is designed to boost your body and soul, from therapeutic happiness exercises to stress-reducing self-care products. So what do you need more on your New Year’s Wishlist?

Feather trimmed mini-dress for a chic soirèe

Black Warehouse dress – Floral Le Superbe dress – Rose Pink Likely dress

This statement party dress is ideal for wearing at all celebrations and parties we wish you’ll have in 2022! There’s just something fun about feathers that welcomes a new beginning that we are longing for. Try finding a fun dress with feather-trimmed bottom and sleeves that you will be able to wear for different occasions.

Acupressure mat and pillow set

collage with acupressure mat and pillow for your new years wishlist
Acupressure mat and pillow

This relaxing acupressure mat and pillow set will make sure that you’re relieved of any muscle aches. When you lay on it and put your weight on this pillow and mat, you will activate about 8,000 acupressure points. These activated points help comfort minor pains and stiff muscles in your feet, back, and neck. Ideally, use the acupressure set before bedtime to enhance rest and eliminate insomnia. In addition, the mat is large enough to accommodate your back, and the pillow is ergonomically designed to offer excellent support to your neck—a perfect must-have for your New Year’s Wishlist.

Mini makeup kits, because what’s cuter than mini sets and they are easy to take around in any bag

Lila and Nars mini make up set for your new years wishlist
Ilia mini makeup set and Nars duo lip and cheek

These high-quality picks from Ilia or Nars are small pleasures for yourself. It comes with a range of products designed to target your various needs during the day. For a blusher refresh at midday or an extra touch to volumize your eyelashes, you should always carry these mini self-gifts in your handle bag.

Drybar Blowout hair styler

Simplify your hair routine and free you from hairdressers using a high-tech hairdryer. The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush from Drybar comes with a three-speed setting and rotating temperature control. The ergonomic design uses Ionic technology to reduce frizz and increase shine, while the vents and oval shape ensure maximum airflow for an effective, quick dry.

It’s no wonder that this fantastic tool was the winner of the Good Housekeeping 2020 Beauty Award for Best Hair Tool.

Here is a good 2022 Wishlist to start the new year thinking about your mental and physical wellbeing. Products to make you happy, enhance your beauty, take care of your body and stress. These factors are critical, especially now, because our lives are rapidly changing.