Get your legs ready for the summer Toned and glowing.

Illustration of woman with four legs playing tennis in a summer look.

Summer is here and vacations, around the corner. Time for mini-skirts, shorts, and bikinis, so your legs will be the centre of attention wherever you go. If you haven’t started to prepare them for the summer yet, hurry up! There are a few things that you can do that won’t take too much time to get your legs ready for the summer, including achieving a beautiful, glowing skin. 

For toned legs

There’s no secret recipe or miracle; you will need to exercise to flaunt toned legs ready for summer.

The good news is that you can do it at home very efficiently and effectively, but remember to stretch before and after exercising and be perseverant! 

Put your favourite upbeat song on and start squatting. For extra effect, you can scrunch and rise to the beat of the music and when you rise, kick out to the side with a straight leg, then repeat it with the other leg and so on. Now lean your entire back against a wall, slowly go down to a sitting position, always keeping your back against the wall. Stay in that position. Although it seems pretty easy to do, after some seconds, you will start feeling the effects of this exercise! And last but not least, raise on the tip of your toes, keeping your body straight and then come down; repeat this movement for an entire song or until you can’t stand your calves burning anymore!

illustration showing how to do squats and have beautiful toned legs for summer.

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For a good circulation

You need good blood circulation to achieve summer-ready legs. So, firstly, avoid standing or sitting for long periods, and above all, don’t sit with crossed legs! 

In the shower, alternate cold and hot shots of water a few times to increase blood circulation. Before, during, or after showering, brush the entire body upwards. Dry brushing stimulates blood and lymph circulation, hence moves waste out of your system. To encourage drainage, make sure you use large sweeping strokes, especially behind the knees and under the arms.

For a smooth skin

Combining daily brushing with exfoliating is crucial to improving the appearance of your skin. Remove all your dead skin by gently exfoliating your body with upward circular movements. Do this once a week or more, if needed. There are so many options in the market for good exfoliating creams, whether with actual grains in it, a chemical exfoliant with AHA or retinol, that will allow a better absorption of any beauty cream that follows.

For a glowing skin

Certainly, you already know the importance of using the best hydration cream on your face, but the skin of your legs also deserves moisturisers. So, after the shower, always use a body lotion, oil or serum to massage your legs to avoid that post-winter dry and flaky skin. You can also choose a body cream that already comes with skin-tightening agents. This will ensure your legs look smooth, healthy, and glowing, ready for summer’s shorts and miniskirts.

And lastly, never forget the sunscreen lotion when in the sun. And drink plenty of water, always!

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