How Not To Be The Bore At A Party 5 game changing tips.

We are aware of the fact that the amount of crazy stuff you used to consider while at a party during your early 20s drops down significantly while down the road of your late 30s, early 40s. To get you back on track, we have put together five party tips you should consider to get invited again. Of course, you know how to behave at parties, but after so long into the whole covid-19 social distance and quarantine, better to remember how not to be the bore at the party. So let’s start right where you left your party animal, shall we?

vintage foto of a woman in a pink faux fur coat wearing a hat with light candles- how not to be the bore of a party

Do #1: Be nice to the people sitting next to you

The pretty fit/vegan/perfect looking girl sitting next to you just got engaged yesterday. We get it. It’s annoying; however, DO smile back and DO ask her about her wedding plans. She’s probably going to tell you anyway, so make sure you ask before this happens. You will be the “only cool guest” who asked her first and forced everybody else sitting at your table to swallow a piece of raw meat while listening to her plans. That’s your job done for the night; you can now head to the bar like the boss you are.

Do #2: Make sure you forget committal comments

And by this we mean, making sure you DO have a shot of plain alcohol at your fingertips to down it every time someone starts speaking about the following subjects: School fees, mortgages, invoices and derivatives. Trust us; they will be easier to handle after that straight shot: action, reaction, my dear.

Do # 3: Conga = Goddess

If the person you are trying to establish a very random conversation with has yawned more than twice, you are in trouble. We would strongly suggest you start a conga. Everybody will love you, respect you and remember you forever. Being the leader of a conga at a party is probably as respectable as going on a sugar-free diet for at least a whole good week. Conga is the most effective tip on how not to be the bore at a party.

vintage photo of a group of people in a new years eve party, having fun and drinking champagne.

Do #4: Leave complains aside

There is probably nothing more boring than someone who complains about everything. Unless you do it with style and make people laugh, of course; however, these species (hilarious complainers) are hard to find, so we would suggest keeping on reading. Forget the fact that the closest toilet is ten blocks away from the room you are in or that you’re sitting next to the oldest guest of the salon. Try to keep this info to yourself and be cool about it. DON’T complain about unnecessary stuff.

Do #5: Hang out with the cool chaps

Go ahead and try introducing yourself while you “casually” happen to be at the same spot at the same time as the cool guys. They will automatically launch you into the cool gang, giving you a free ticket into the NON-boring band of the party.

Now that you refreshed your memory on how not to be the bore of a party, have a whale of a time, social butterfly.

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