Do you remember your first designer piece? I still have mine.

I was in my teens, and my mother bought me a Fendi bag. That was the first designer piece I ever owned, and I still have it today! But I don’t have it in the wardrobe, kept on the shelf of good memories. In fact, I use it very often. As you know, Notorious believes that #buylessbuybetter is the best approach a person can have to fashion. Shopping without compulsiveness is already a guarantee that you will develop a sense of style. That way, you need to consider the quality of the pieces, the colours you like, what you already have in your wardrobe and what goes with them. This is the correct thinking to develop a style.

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Why a designer piece?

My mother was a woman who liked beautiful things. Every month she would buy a special piece of jewellery, a handbag, shoe or outfit. So I developed an aesthetic taste and always associated beauty with my mother’s love for me. Philosophically speaking, I am not so far from the truth. According to the Italian philosopher and writer Umberto Ecco, beauty is associated with concepts such as graceful, beautiful or sublime, wonderful and noble. It seems that, in this sense, that which is beautiful is equal to that which is good, and, in fact, in various historical periods, there has been a close link between Beauty and the Good.
Now transport this concept of beauty and good to a Chanel shoe. I have a Chanel pump, beige with a black toe, which I bought in the 2000s and wear to this day, and it’s perfect. The design is timeless and recognisably a Chanel pump. And what else can I say about the quality? The shoe is brand new after 22 years of use. So buying a luxury item can be more sustainable and, in the long run, a better investment than a fast-fashion item.

What to consider when buying your first designer piece

detail of a fashionista wearing a vintage Gucci bag at Paris fashion week

Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy. That will pass quickly, and you will regret it. Go for something you really like, in a neutral colour, with a classic design. A great example is the Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag; it’s classic and has the perfect vintage cult feel. Or a YSL monogrammed Lou bag.

fashionista wearing a earring and necklace from Chanel

Your first designer piece should be something like a handbag, a shoe or an accessory because they are pieces that have a longer life than a piece of clothing. And an item like this always elevates a more basic outfit. I used to have a collection of Christian Lacroix brooches, which unfortunately were stolen, but that’s another story. Brooches, belts and bracelets add a chicness to any look.

detail of a fashionista wearing Blaze Milano blazer and Celine bag

When you get a taste for things that last in your wardrobe rather than what’s in fashion, consider buying a good luxury blazer. Choose a jacket with a perfect cut, luxury fabric and preferably a classic one. Maybe this won’t be your first designer piece, but it will definitely be one that will stay with you for a long time.

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