This summer’s most beautiful colours for your nails

Truly stylish women know that beauty lies in the details, hence nothing happens by chance when putting together their outfits, including the colour of the fingernails. Beautifully manicured hands elevate any look, making the most basic white t-shirt look luxurious. This is why we love the new Chanel nail collection The Sky, The Sun and the Sea with the most beautiful colours that define summer 2022. From pastel shades to nail care products, the Makeup Studio of the French luxury fashion house has created the must-have beauty items to include in your manicure ritual.

Nails in Summer colour

Be inspired by the quintessentially French brand and dare to shine this season by wearing sunny and luminous nails. Chanel has reinvented the classic nail polish, creating six exclusive colours for summer that make you want to dive into the ocean. For example, the white nail polish is inspired by the opalescent white foam on the shore. Similarly, shades of pastel rose make you think of the reflection of the waves at the beach. They then melt into a brilliant palette of mauve, green, and lilac. In addition, you can also choose the most beautiful rosy shimmer of the seashel. And the soft orange of corals to colour your nails and rock this summer in style. 

How to have a flawless summer manicure

A flawless manicure begins long before applying beautiful colours because you need to moisturise daily the skin around your nails with the most nourishing oils, especially in summer. And to leave nails stronger, smoother, and shinier, make sure to apply an excellent base under the nail polish. For example, Chanel’s La Base Camélia.

A little about the history of the manicure

Self-care rituals to enhance one’s natural beauty are not a new thing. Indeed, way long before we talked about the most beautiful nail polish colours to wear this summer. In other words, over 7000 ago, Egyptian queens already took care of their nails. Additionally, the history of the manicure is permeated with social meanings. That is, the style and colours a woman chooses for her nails can be a hint of her social status. For example, the Queen, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, and other members of the royal family usually wear nude shades. You can learn more about it in our video The History of Manicure: from 500BC to now.

Photos courtesy of Chanel.