The Auction, the elegance of the Church’s shoe men collection AW 2021.

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Church’s New Short Film

Church’s shoe short film presenting the last AW 21 men’s collection shows a British auction house during a rainy night. Will be our hero able to get there in time and make the final offer? 

Church’s old history

Church’s history can be traced back to 1617. Anthony Church, a master shoemaker was already handcrafting shoewear in Northampton. Certainly, this British town is famous for producing fine footwear since medieval times. 

After that, his descendants followed his footsteps, establishing Church & Co in 1873. Above all, Church’s still manufacturing its shoes in Northampton, while its 62 directly-owned and operated retail stores now span the globe. To sum up, the quintessentially British company has locations in London, Paris, Edinburgh, Milan, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. 

What makes Church’s shoe a work of art?

Church’s continues to present men’s and women’s collections that are unparalleled for craftsmanship and luxury. These handmade shoes are loyal to the artisanal traditions of English shoemaking. Timeless in aesthetic and exceptional in quality, they are amongst the most long-lasting and desirable in the world. Consequently, members of the European aristocracy and elegant men who know the importance of good shoes have at least one pair of Church’s in their wardrobes.

Watch the video and see it for yourself.