The best looks in our favourite Netflix, Amazon & Co Series

collage with the costume designer of Glow and Anatomy of a Scandals Netflix series

There are two things we do love at Notorious Mag; fashion and binge-watching. So why not combine them, we ask—nothing like wearing your most fashionable home attire while watching the incredible looks of Killing Eve. So get comfy make yourself popcorn, and let’s discover the best looks in TV series.

We love Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & Co.

Undoubtedly, films and TV shows have inspired fashion lovers throughout the decades, but since Netflix, things have turned up a notch. From the first binge product out there (it seems like just yesterday), House of Cards, the attention to detail in styling and costumes has set this new format on another level. In addition, Riverdale, Glow, Bridgeton, The Queen’s Gambit, Emily in Paris, and many other series have created an unprecedented hype around style. 

By now, Netflix has gotten some serious competition with Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney+, so the menu on looks and the quality of the presented outfits has increased. It is difficult to point out the best looks without incurring being unfair by omission, but we decided to give it a try anyway. There are many shows worthy of being mentioned, but we reduced it to those we think we’re the most consistent in creating a style that makes the series recognizable just for it.  

British style never gets out of style. Just look at the Platinum Jubilee.

The Anatomy of a Scandal flawless wardrobe can tell an entire story in its own right. The carefully and elegantly tailored outfits transmit to perfection a very British understatement.

All tremendously fashionable but dignified. Special mention to the almost omnipresent turtleneck, the beige and creme colours, and lots of cashmere under camel hair overcoats. Don’t forget to watch it with Tee and Scons.

Madonna, Kate Bush, Cindy Lauper, YMCA, ABBA & Co.

Glow was one of the first shows to take place in the 80s and dive head-on into the crazy, over-the-top, confusing style of the day. Beth Morgan, the show’s costume designer, says, “The eighties were very risk-taking, strange, and didn’t always make sense”. And the show took the risk and nailed it to perfection. Glow is on the top of our list of the best looks in TV series, with Madonna’s feelings all over.

British Gangsters and Aristocracy mingled in the roaring 20s.

Peaky Blinders has influenced a horde of male fans on Instagram and TikTok, copying the style almost to perfection. It may seem that a gangster look of the 1920s may somewhat be out of place, but in the actual eclectic fashion universe, there is room for every style direction. Many a blog writing about classic sartorial looks and bespoke tailoring influencers have adopted some facette of the Peaky Blinders look. Even the haircut has left its mark. The overcoat, the three-piece suit out of heavier cloth (mainly tweed), the detachable collar, the cap and the brogue boots are easily found among many Style blogs and Instagram accounts. Costume designer Stephanie Collie believes that part of the success is attributed to: “At heart, I think every Englishman wants to wear a suit.” However, we believe it is not only the Englishman. By orders of the Peaky Blinders!

New Economy fashion is dull with a few exceptions. 

wecrashed tells us the unbelievable crazy story of the rise and fall of wework, valued at its peak at $47 billion down to $9 billion at the IPO. The fast-paced tale around the founder Adam Neumann and ist wife is spiked not only with craziness but fantastic looks, worn to perfection by Anne Hathaway in the role of Adam’s wife, Rebekah. The looks are refreshing in the world of tech billionaires styles such as Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, which are dull as it gets (level Walmart) or incomprehensibly crazy. However, if she did not entirely succeed as planned, she at least left a mark as a fashion icon in the new economic world, and the series does portray this phenomenally. You can see this clearly in the video above.

Kate Bush “Running up that Hill ” reaches nr. 1 on Itunes.

Stranger Things show us an 80s fashion that, while pretty accurate, is over the top – like, all clichês of the decade crammed in one little group of friends in one little town. But it is tremendously fun to watch the exaggerated looks. Special mention to the boys’ hair cuts (I was there in the 80s, and no, no one had these hairdos ), which are crazy as it gets. But besides luring a multitude of fans, due to the compelling storyline, the nostalgia effect generated by many references (especially Goonies), and the realistic 80s America aesthetic have us glued to the screen episode after episode. And some will argue online that it is one of the key elements of its success. So much so that Kate Bush is back on the charts, thanks to the show. Cindy Lauper and Madonna send regards, and they are well, alive and still kicking.

Villanelle is as good as Cruella de Ville

And finally, for us, the mother of style in a series, the sultana of fashion, the incomparable Villanelle. Played by Jodie Comer, this villain we love to hate is wearing the most complex to most straightforward garments with such nonchalance that we can only conclude that Jodie is a style queen in her own right, which speaks miles for the director and casting director. But of course, the costume designers have equal merit in the show’s success. Since the beginning, there were already three in charge. Season 3 designer Sam Perry says, “Villanelle doesn’t have a closet she can return to, so everything she wears is new; her looks always evolve depending on the situation she finds herself in. She goes through some huge changes in this series, giving me a chance to show some of these emotions with costumes.” From classic suits to pop ensembles, everything fits perfectly into the story and the character who wears them as if born to it. Brands such as Kenneth Ize, Loewe, Ann Demeulemeester, Halpern, Y/Project, Chloe, Gucci, Petar Petrov, Chalayan, La Double J, The Vampire’s Wife, Olivia Von Halle, and Molly Goddard, among many others, make the show a feast for the fashion lover.

Images courtesy of @netflix, @amazonprime, @apple+