Winona Ryder reappears in Marc Jacobs bags AW 22-23 campaign

Winona Ryder is the perfect cat woman since the American actress apparently has 7 lives. And she’s already used at least 3. The latest resurrection of Strange Things actress happened at the hands of designer Marc Jacobs. The guru of grunge collaborated with Winona Ryder for the AW 22-23 J Marc shoulder bag campaign. Contrary to the memes about her strange faces during the release of the Netflix series, Winona appears super glamorous through the lens of photographer Harley Weir and styling by Emma Wyman, former fashion editor of Dazed magazine.

Winona Ryder and Marc Jacobs, a true friendship

Marc Jacobs has been a loyal friend and collaborator of Winona’s since the actress, in 2001, at the peak of her fame, was arrested and sentenced to three years of social work, after stealing clothes from the Saks Fifth Avenue shop. Among the items stolen was a designer pullover, worth $760. In court, Winona Ryder also appeared wearing a Marc Jacobs dress, and thus, fate made her the designer’s notorious muse.

J Marc AW 22-23 Campaign

Winona Ryder has starred in 3 campaigns for Marc Jacobs, from clothing to beauty products. This year, the campaign went viral for being irreverent, non-sense, and at the same time, beautiful. The actress, who looks incredibly well-cared in her 50s, appears in a black dress and green acid handbag sipping a glass of milk and spilling the contents of the glass all over her cleavage. In other photos, she’s wearing looks from Marc Jacobs’ autumn winter collection while showing off the versatility of the handbags which come in 6 different colours and with the brand’s signature classic J clasp.

collage with four photos with winona rider starring Marc Jacobs bags AW 22-23 campaign
Photo by Harley Weir and styling by Emma Wyman

Of course, the big miracle of Winona Ryder’s resurrection was her role in the series Strange Things where she appears wearing the grunge uniform of the 90s; jeans and a plaid shirt. However, in the Marc Jacobs campaign, the actress shines with looks like faux leather and fur coat, silk and lace slip dress with high heels platform, and transparent tule skirt, all in contrast with the ice cream colours of the J Marc bags.

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Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs