#BuyBetter- A Curated Christmas Gift List for the Fashion-Fluent

Maya Hawke for Prada Christmas 23 Campaign

Is it already Christmas? Has the calendar played a trick on us this year, shifting Christ’s birth to November? I must confess, traditionally, I’ve been one to leave my Christmas shopping to the last gasp. I mean, on the 23rd of December, you’d find me dashing about for those final treasures. Yet, this year heralds

Non-edible craving: the best chocolate brown outfits 

Woman wearing a fal outfit in chocolate brown; cap, blazer and turtle neck in matching dark brown colours.

I will never get tired of wearing black, but there is another favourite colour for winter in my wardrobe; a hue that looks as delicious as its name, chocolate brown. Our non-edible craving consists of dark brown pieces that look fabulous and sophisticated. In this article, you’ll see inspirations on how to wear the chic

#OutfitCostChallenge: Can You Spot an Expensive Outfit?

two women wearing the same outfit like in the tiktok outfitcostchallenge

The Outfit Cost Challenge is the latest buzz in the fashion world on TikTok. Kicked off by two savvy editors from Eliza.co.uk, this trend involves donning what appears to be identical outfits and asking Joe Public which one they reckon is the pricey number. To get a handle on the buzz, the hashtag #OutfitCostChallenge has

Louis Vuitton’s Million-Dollars Bag: Your Next Arm Candy?

street style-Jacob Elordi and LeBron James wearing the new Louis Vuitton's bag

In the high-stakes poker game of luxury fashion, Louis Vuitton has upped the ante with its latest handbag, the Millionaire Speedy. Costing a mere trifle of one million dollars, it’s the perfect accessory for those who feel their current handbags are embarrassingly affordable. This bag doesn’t just scream luxury; it practically hires a skywriter to

20 Must-Have Styling Tricks for AW23-24

Styling Tricks for AW23-24 -carolyn bessette kennedy

Notorious is hot on the heels of the trends you absolutely need in your wardrobe for AW23-24. Sure, we’ve already chatted about the game-changing colours and shoes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also sifted through the cream of the crop from fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris. But, drumroll please,

#BuyBetter – Best affordable designer handbags

detail of tory burch aw23-24 backstage, model carrying a blue bag

As we start in AW23-24, that familiar urge to refresh our wardrobes with new collection pieces kicks in. And what’s at the top of our list? Designer handbags, naturally. We’ve all coveted that new Prada model strutting its stuff during fashion week street style showcases. But let’s be real – splurging thousands of Euros on

Phoebe Philo First Looks: Was the Wait Really Worth It?

Ah, December 2017—remember it well? Phoebe Philo, the high priestess of minimalistic chic, announced her departure from Celine. For almost a decade, she reigned supreme as its creative director, morphing Celine into the go-to sanctuary for the modern, professional woman. The era was so epochal that Philo fans earned their own moniker: “Philophiles.” A dedicated

All About Quiet Luxury and the Best Brands to Elevate Your Closet

Detail of the row runway AW23-24, a example of the quiet luxury trend

If you’ve been paying attention to social media and mainstream news outlets, you’ve likely heard of the new term “Quiet Luxury” taking the fashion world by storm. In fact, Quiet Luxury is a new name for a concept you already know quite well. It’s the glamorous cousin of minimalism. Keep reading because this article will

#WinterFix: How to Wear That Grey Pullover, Runway-Style

collage with a tory burch model wearing a grey pullover and a striped shirt

This winter, it’s all about being savvy with our sartorial choices to update our wardrobe intelligently. And guess what’s topping the must-have list? Yep, the grey pullover. From V-necks to turtlenecks, this cosy piece has been strutting its stuff on nearly every AW23-24 runway. If you’re aiming for that timeless, chic vibe, the grey pullover

The Zara Golden Jacket: A Viral Furore or Just Too Much Glitz?

Zara Golden jacket and a big red heart in the background

Ah, Instagram—the global digital runway where a single post can ignite a fashion wildfire. Did you see the Zara golden jacket that is nearly breaking the ‘gram? It is flashier than Elton John’s sunglasses and nearly as in-demand as front-row seats at a Chanel show. But rightly so, the jacket is very beautiful, made of

AW23 coat trends: coats season is back, and better than ever 

Photo of a model sitting in a entrance of a building wearing a shearling black coat

While navigating the rich tapestry of the landscape of AW23 coat trends, tackling fall and winter fashion might feel like stepping into a fashion maze, especially if you’re in a place where the weather can’t make up its mind. It’s also your chance to up your style game. Why? Well, as the temperatures drop, your

Which gemstone goes with your Zodiac sign and why

Birthstone ring with gemstone for Zodiac sign.

Whether you believe in astrology, find it an amusing pastime, or plain silly, we thought we’d give you an excellent excuse to add new pieces to your jewellery collection this year (if you ever needed one!). In short, each of the twelve Zodiac signs has its own gemstone, called the birthstone. So, keep reading to

The Fall 2023 Skirt Trend That’s Everywhere on IG

A model shows the pleated skirt from Mango, front and back - Fall 2023 skirt trend

This is our job: to save you from searching for trends on Instagram and TikTok. Every day, someone from our team is on the hunt for trends. And this week, an Autumn skirt has persistently appeared in our feed. All the cool girls and fashionistas, post-Fashion Month, are wearing this pleated skirt. Is it worth

Serpenti Bulgari: A Stylish Evolution from the 40s to Today

Princess Maria Olympia of Greece wearing a Serpenti Bulgari necklace at Bulgari event in Rome

In 2023, Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collection marked its 75th anniversary. This emblem, representing infinite metamorphoses, has been a testament to determination, strength, and transformation. Over the decades, it has profoundly influenced both Bulgari’s history and the broader realm of jewellery. From Watches to High Jewelry: The Serpenti’s Evolution The journey of the Serpenti began in

Fashion Recap – The Highlights from All Fashion Weeks SS24

Collage showing 8 trendy looks from all fashion weeks ss24

Fashion Month has finally wrapped up, and it’s time to dish on the juiciest deets from the runway. You know how it is – it takes a hot minute to digest all those shows, thousands of pics, and an avalanche of ideas that the SS24 collections brought to the table. Fashion, it’s a wild ride,

A brief history of the Wellington boots

Hunter model sitting on the roof top wearing a transparent rain coat and a rubber boot

In the video above, we tell you the history of the Wellington boots. Where the name comes from, when and how it became fashionable. The Wellington boots, or just Welly, have been an enduring fashion icon for quite a while. It became a must-have shoe for the countryside, on walks and hunts. The late Queen Elizabeth

Pullover Season – All about Cashmere, Mohair and Shetland

A blond model wearing a cacao brown cashmere pullover from COS

Ah, the luxurious world of natural yarns—Cashmere, Mohair, Shetland and Merino. These aren’t just buzzwords for the fashion elite anymore; they’ve gone mainstream. Just a few years back, these sumptuous fibres were the exclusive domain of high-end brands, coveted by those willing to splurge for unparalleled quality. But here’s the kicker: even your go-to high-street

&Other Stories Flash Sale – Finding Chicness on High Street

collage with a flower and a model wearing double breasted jacket

The onset of a new season is always a vibe, but let’s be real, fall is the ultimate fashion playground. The air chills just enough for layering, and suddenly, makeup doesn’t melt off your face. But what’s the cherry on top? Stumbling upon an &Other Stories Flash Sale in early October. We’re talking over 40%

Be sustainable and learn how to make your clothes last longer 

Long-living paper doll with clothes, a sustainable toy.

A new breed of fashion consumers is rising from the challenges that have rocked the world in recent years. On one side of the coin, we’re all about brands that are transparent, sustainable, and committed to fair trade. On the flip side, the explosion of the second-hand and vintage market is a testament to this

6 Classic Styles: Far From Boring 

collage showing six classic outfits that are not boring

Many people think that dressing in a classic style means wearing boring clothes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The top AW 23-24 current trends dictated not only by Fashion Weeks but also street style, Instagram and TikTok can help you revisit classic looks creating contemporary silhouettes with a twist. In other words,

The Perfect Guide to Achieving an Essential and Timeless Look

Pernille Teisbaek wearing a beige trench coat, clutch and gold jewellery at Milan Fashion Week _street style

Fashion trends may come and go, but a timeless look remains. Crafting an ensemble that embodies both essential and timeless features is an art form in itself. Style is an amalgam of clothing, accessories, grooming, and confidence that transcends transient fashion trends. In this blog post, we delve deeper into understanding what constitutes a timeless

Men’s Jewellery: How Guys Are Wearing Brooches and Pearls

Jon Kortajarena in the Cannes Festival wearing a black tie and a brooch from Bulgari

Gone are the days when men’s jewellery was all about watches and cufflinks, maybe a signet ring or a religious medallion if you were feeling fancy. But hold the phone—men’s jewellery is now one of the hottest trends out there. We’re talking brooches, diamond rings, and even pearl necklaces. According to data by Lyst, searches