Macro-trend 20/21: we’re longing for a simpler life What does it mean?

Man wearing tartan suit and Burlington socks, hide his head into a wall shrub

Besides the noticeable changes like social-distancing and self-isolation, the pandemic has highlighted a growing general feeling. We are longing for a simpler life more than ever. But what exactly does this macro-trend mean in 2020? Our appearance If before, we used to get dressed for the others, now we’re doing it for ourselves. Since most

How to boost body confidence through art In an era of Photoshop and filters.

vintage black and white- naked woman pose in front of group of art students

In an era of Photoshop and Instagram filters, the need to boost body confidence has become more important than ever. Sadly, it is only too common to feel inadequate when looking at the “perfect bodies” on social media. But life drawing can help people overcome their struggles with body image. Weare constantly bombarded with images

The best homemade masks and tutorials on Instagram #makeyourownmask.

Instagrammer Jennymwalton wearing a Prada dust bag mask

We selected the best homemade masks and tutorials to inspire you to make your own nose and mouth mask. Do homemade masks prevent the Coronavirus? Homemade masks, combined with social distancing, prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Although they are not as effective as N95 respirators, they block large particles and droplets. Don’t forget N95 masks

How to clean your jewellery in times of Coronavirus.

close up of a woman during fashion week wearing a big pearl creole earring

In these times of Coronavirus, we’d like to talk about how to clean your jewellery. Because lately, we’ve heard a lot about how to wash our hands properly. But what about our rings, for example? Since COVID-19 can survive up to nine days on metal, glass and plastic surfaces, unless you know how to clean

How To Be a Perfect Wedding Guest Basic wedding etiquette.

VIntage image of a chic woman raising her glass of champagne to make a toast as a wedding party.

Looking fab in a fantastic outfit is not enough to be a Perfect Wedding Guest. Weddings are by far my favourite kind of parties, the bride and groom are beaming with happiness, and everyone’s in a great mood and beautifully dressed, ready to have a great time. So, what are the unwritten rules to be