Buy Less, Buy Better: A Full Guide to a Sustainable Wardrobe

COS model wearing off-shite suit and turtleneck paired with black bag and belt, stylish according to the Quiet Luxury trend

You’ve probably caught the drift by now: the future of fashion is all about sustainability. And guess what? We’re here to spill the tea on how to “Buy Less, Buy Better” and still slay the style game. Sounds like a tall order? The vibe we’re going for? Shop smarter, not harder. Keep scrolling, and we’ll

Sunglasses SS23 – Shades that You Need To update your outfit

Collage with a model wearing COS x Linda Farrow sunglasses on a beach background

In December of last year, I was invited to a year-end party but couldn’t attend because I caught the flu and with it, a huge case of conjunctivitis. But I couldn’t miss the aprés-party brunch. What to do to hide my red and swollen eye? I went to the brunch with my aviator glasses with

Why to wear black during a heatwave. Fresh and Chic.

close up of a moel running on the beach wearing a black tunica and a silver necklace

Ask anyone, and they will tell you the right colour to wear in summer is white. Well, at least, that’s what almost everyone believes. But if you talk to science geeks, they will affirm that the best colour for summer is black. Maybe you – and I – should have paid a bit more attention

How To Wear Bermuda Shorts – All body types and ages

model wearing a bermuda short from Ralph Lauren SS23

Since last summer, Bermuda shorts have been making their way into the hearts of fashionistas as the ultimate cool alternative to summer skirts. Let’s face it, ladies, these shorts are all the rage! In the summer of 2022, Marion Cotillard stunned everyone on the red carpet at the Cannes Festival, rocking a fabulous mini short

Elle Fanning Shines at Cannes Once Again – See All Her Looks

collage with Elle Fanning and her iconic looks at Cannes Festival

Elle Fanning has once again graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, becoming the epitome of glamour on the red carpet of the French Riviera. The American actress, often compared to the beloved Hollywood icon and princess Grace Kelly, captivated fashion enthusiasts and cinephiles with her divine presence. Year after year, Elle Fanning’s appearance at Cannes

Easy guide: Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2023

collage with runway SS23 looks showing some of the trends

I have to confess: I am impatient for spring to come. Very impatient. Every year it’s the same; December is a magical month when I don’t even notice if it’s cold or snowing. Early January is exciting, with so many plans that I don’t even think about the weather. But then the end of January comes and I wouldn’t say I like the cold, the lack of light and even my wardrobe.

The Latest Bottega Veneta Handbag Looks Like a Paper Bag

Bottega Veneta model on the runway carrying the new brown bag

Luxury fashion has always been about pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. From Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga to Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy, creative directors constantly experiment with bold designs and unconventional materials to create something new and exciting. And the latest Bottega Veneta handbag, The Brown Bag, is no exception. Crafted from paper-like leather and

The Spring Jacket you want according to TikTok

Collage with the viral spring jacket from Mango on TikTok

Even though the temperature is rising, the perfect spring capsule wardrobe has a cardigan and a jacket. Remember that the days can still get chilly and so can the nights. That’s why we searched TikTok to find out what the favourite spring jacket of digital fashionistas is. Et voilà, here’s the most desired outwear of

5 Unique Styling Ideas to Elevate Your Fashion Game

street style copenhagen fashion week - women wearing multiple hair pins

Members of the Notorious Mag community understand the undeniable power of accessories. A simple brooch, an eye-catching belt, or a stunning pair of shoes can instantly revitalise your wardrobe. For those with a collection of classic pieces, accessories are the key to unlocking new and exciting styles that keep your outfits fresh and far from

Wedding Season is there and you need a fabulous dress

Collage with some fabulous dresses for the wedding season. The models stand over a circle of roses flowers

Wedding season fabulous dresses are two things that go hand-in-hand. And to help you decide which outfit to wear as a perfect guest, we prepared a list of what you should and shouldn’t wear. You know, even though Nicole Richie’s look at her sister’s wedding in the south of France got a lot of compliments,

French Girls Step into Spring 23 with These Cute Shoes

collage with the shoes that the french girls are wearing this spring

Notorious is in Paris doing some serious style hunting and in this article, we’ll talk about the most popular shoes on the streets of the fashion capital this spring. Imagine sipping a glass of wine in a cafe while observing people coming and going. That’s the tough life of a style hunter in Paris, but

The bra looks in the Psyco movie are hotter than ever 

Janet Leigh wearing a bra in the promotional poster for the release of Hitchcock's movie Psycho.

In 1960 the Hitchcock movie Psycho was released with a promotional poster that showed Janet Leigh in her bra. The daring image caused quite a scandal at the time. Fast-forward to nowadays and the Janet Leight bra looks have become the star of runway shows. Let’s have a look at the history and how to

French Woman Is in Love With The Trench Coat This Spring

street style photo in Paris, where a woman waits to cross the street wearing a trench coat with a plaid detail on her back

This April week, after Easter, #NotoriousOnTour is in Paris. As the Germans say, “April, April, Macht Was Er Will” (April, April does what it wants). This means the storefronts and shops are loaded with spring clothes, while the weather is awful – rain, low temperatures, and stormy winds. Even so, French women have already put

#OhBoy – The ultimate guide to wearable menswear SS23 trends

street style photo of a model walking in a busy street wearing a COS dark suit with tie and white shirt

Harry Styles is considered one of the most stylish men of today. We may even discover that he is the lost son of David Bowie and Tom Wolfe. Yes, Harry Styles is a Dandy, which style was best explained in 1932 by psychologist J.C. Flugel as “the great masculine renunciation“. But if you don’t identify

White shirts for Spring 2023 – Check the new shapes and silhouettes

collage with models wearing white shirt for spring 2023-COS-Dior-Michael Kors-Erdem

Few pieces are as essential to a timeless wardrobe as the classic white shirt. This staple item elevates any outfit and is always at the top of the capsule wardrobe list. Even so, when a new season rolls around, we all want something fresh for our closets. We crave a white cotton blouse that’s crisp,

The History of the Trench Coat – From The Trenches to the Streets

Fashion show goers wearing a timeless staple, the trench coat.

What do Hollywood’s Humphrey Bogart, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss and the British military officers have in common? The timeless trench coat; fashion’s most iconic and enduring classic. Although the quintessential British garment is synonymous with chicness and sophistication today, it first became famous over a hundred years ago in

#SpringFix – 5 classic fashion pieces to brighten up your wardrobe

street style-copenhagen fashion week - fashionista wearing mini skirt black-ballerinas-prada woven bag - striped shirt

I believe that like me, you can’t wait for spring. After months of dark and cold days, we are starting to see a bit more sunshine and nicer temperatures. Additionally, we are seeing new collections on Instagram, TikTok, and magazines, and we want to wear them, right? But the unpredictable weather of March and April

Our editors know that a leather jacket is the best transitioning piece 

Camile Rowe wearing a leather jacket, the best transitioning fashion piece into spring at Miu Miu after party in Gigi Restaurant in Paris.

Miu Miu and Derek Blasberg hosted a dinner and party on the occasion of the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show in Paris. Watching the guests arriving at Gigi restaurant, it became clearer to us that the best transitioning piece to spring is a leather jacket. Many of the famous and charming guests wore leather

Enfant Terrible, Reece Yeboah, about his collab COS x Yeboah 

Designer Reece Yeboah in COS shop showing their capsule collection

Fashion collaborations are nothing new. Every year, H&M brings a high-end designer to the fast fashion world. It all started in 2004 with the Swedish giant’s partnership with the late creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Then you have Adidas x Gucci, Louis Vuitton x Supreme and Gucci x North Face just to name some.

Sort Your Closet Now with Growing & Ongoing Trends for SS23

COS model wearing a white tank top and pleated pants in the streets of Nova York

Dear fashion lovers, as we patiently wait for warmer weather to arrive, let’s look at the growing and ongoing trends for SS23. We’ve done the research so you can organize your wardrobe and be ahead of the game. 1. Designer brands that are growing in popularity We’ve reviewed 247 runway shows from Fashion Week for

5 Looks we’ll want to wear this Spring

fashionista at Copenhagen Fashion Week wearing a white shirt with a oversized collar and sunglasses

Although we are still covered with puffer jackets, we’re thinking about what we’re going to wear next season. We already talked about the Spring/Summer 2023 trends that emerged from the most relevant Fashion Weeks, but what are the street style looks we’ll want to wear this spring? According to our favourite Instagrammers, here are the

New in: I’ve checked the best shops and spotted 5 new trends 

street style photo showing influencer wearing a lime green pullover and a black mini skirt paired with a dad sneaker

As much as I might like surprises, I’d rather be prepared when it comes to new seasons’ fashion trends. So, if you are a bit like me, you’ll be happy to know I’ve scoured the best new-in pieces and spotted 5 fashion trends coming for Spring 2023. Based on the highlights of New York fashion