Aisling Camps x Mama Farm: Rossellini’s fashion adventure

Designer Aisling Camps, Elettra Wiedemann and Isabella Rossellini wearing pieces from the fashion collaboration Aisling Camps and Mama Farm

This week, Isabella Rossellini and her daughter, Elettra Wiedemann, launched a knitwear line made from sheep’s wool in collaboration with designer Aisling Camps. The wool originates from the sheep on Isabella and Elettra’s property, Mama Farm, situated 100 km from Manhattan. The Aisling Camps x Mama Farm collection is available exclusively for purchase on the

Copenhagen Fashion Week – The brands we love 

Snapshot of a fashionist during the opening party of Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23

Get ready for Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23 with its joyful, sustainable and wearable fashion. From the 31st of January to the 3rd of February 2023, this is the place to see what major Scandinavian brands have in store for us next season. However, we already know that sustainability is a big focus of the Scandinavian

Why and where to buy sustainable jewellery

detail of a fish and a mermaid gold pendant from Pippa Small jewellery

Sustainability is a topic very dear to our hearts here at Notorious Mag. We’ve done some research about fair-trade, ethical and sustainable jewellery so that you can wear your sparkling accessories knowing that not only your choice of jewels isn’t harming the planet, but it is also helping the people involved in all the steps

Vintage costume jewellery – How to choose it well? Treasure hunt.

collage with Vintage costume jewellery and a hand holding a magnifier

Buying vintage jewellery is like going on a treasure hunt. Indeed, finding a unique designer piece from the ’80s, for example, is a tremendous joy for costume jewellery enthusiasts. If you, too, love retro accessories and want to wear unique necklaces, rings or brooches that you don’t see around, there are a few points you

Luxury resale: How to swap your old designer piece for a new one New air in your wardrobe.

Woman checking luxury resale sites on her phone.

As you already must have realized, Notorious editors have sustainability at heart, and nothing’s more sustainable than buying resale and luxury vintage. So whether you like to score unique designer clothes, bags, accessories and vintage jewellery nobody has or want to empty your wardrobe, luxury consignment sites to buy and sell pre-owned goods are the

#CloseEyesOn: sustainable fashion brand Pangaia is celeb’s new darling Who’s behind it?

Models wearing cashmere pullover and sweater shirtby Miroslava Duma's sustainable fashion brand Pangaia.

The sustainable fashion brand Pangaia has been on the must-have list of fashion-savvy celebs and influencers recently for several reasons, and when you finish reading this article, I’m sure the new label from Russian fashionista Miroslava Duma will make your wish-list too. So, discover why Bella Hadid, Jaden Smith, Leonardo di Caprio, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer

4 brands that we are buying for good quality and price New in Fall 2021

collage with Arket new in arrivals, one of the brands we're buying for quality and price

Inexpensive high-street brands are life saviours. There was a time when you could either buy good quality clothes that were pricey or affordable pieces with low-quality; and nothing in between. Then Zara came and we all fell in love with the fast-fashion label. However, it turned out we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed finding

5 trends to wear until the end of summer And beyond.

detail of a pleated floral skirt and a prada bag from street style milan fashion week

This summer is absolutely special. We’ve been waiting to hug and kiss again, to dance and feel alive as never before. But also, we are longing to dressed up again, dress to impress! So, of course, we have learned how important it is to have a versatile wardrobe, with pieces perfect for summer and, at

5 Instagrams offering one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces Summer wish list.

One of the best one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces on Instagram.

One-of-a-kind embroidered pieces with an artisanal feel are trending on Instagram because of the slow fashion movement. Garments with hand-stitched embroidery are, in fact so unique they’re topping our summer wish list. So, check these 5 fabulous Instagram accounts and get inspired by the delicate stitching that is bringing back the art of embroidery to

Crafts e-shop Etsy buys second-hand fashion app Depop What can you find there?

Two women online shopping crafts on Etsy and second-hand fashion on Bepop.

We love scouring the internet in search of interesting pieces to add to our wardrobes, be it clothes or accessories. And Etsy is one of our go-to online platforms to find unique items. Certainly, we are not the only ones to love the famous site for handicrafts and handmade goods. In fact, Etsy is so

#CloseEyeOn: Sy&Vie bags, the wearable sculptures you need Handcrafted.

Brazilian handmade inlay wood clutch.

Who doesn’t love to have a one-of-a-kind piece that nobody else has? Or to be among the first ones to wear a brand that flies under the radar? If you’re looking for unique, handmade bags that combine modern design, craftsmanship, heritage techniques, and sustainable materials, Sy&Vie is the label for you. Carved out of various

Our special selection on the giant second-hand online Vestiaire Collective

Collage with the best finds from the second hand online shop vestiaire collective

Vestiaire Collective a giant online resale shop where you can find the best selection of second-hand luxury fashion at 30 to 70% off the original retail price. All items are authenticated and of good quality. Buying pre-owned items from Vestiaire Collective is a sustainable and clever way to own classic and timeless designer clothes and

Be sustainable and learn how to make your clothes last longer Experts' tips.

Long-living paper doll with clothes, a sustainable toy.

Our routines have changed completely since last year, and although we’re all looking forward to going back to normal, we don’t want life to be exactly as it was before. For instance, there’s a common growing desire for sustainable fashion and, instead of disposable clothes, we long for garments that last longer. The pandemic is

The story of smock embroidery: The tops and dresses of the moment new trend.

Collage with women wearing smock dresses and tops embellished with English smocking embroidery.

As incredible as it may sound, luxury fashion labels, Pre-Raphaelite painters, Oscar Wilde, the ’70s hippies, the British Royal family, and the milkmen have one thing in common: smock embroidery embellishing dresses and tops. Certainly, designers like Molly Goddard have revisited the cute smocked dresses we see Princess Charlotte wearing. And there’s been plenty of

Get to know 4 online made-to-order fashion brands Custom made.

Woman wearing a floral shirt from the made-to-order fashion label Andion and a large straw hat.

More and more online made-to-order fashion brands are making the headlines, offering custom-made items as an antidote to fast fashion. Find out why they are sweeping the internet and get to know our fav made-to-order fashion labels. Unique look Custom fashion allows you to wear looks that are unique or come in very limited editions.

From Audrey Hepburn to Karlie Kloss: Best looks to ride a bike With style.

Actress Janet Leigh on her bike in 1947 at MGM studios

Among the many new trends that the coronavirus has brought, the bicycle trend goes hand-in-hand with our desire to lead a more natural and sustainable life. But cycling while looking stylish is not as easy as it seems. In fact, finding the best looks to ride a bike can be tricky. During Fashion Week, we

Celebrating Earth Day with these sustainable fashion brands.

3 pair of tassel tales slippers made in austria

As consumers have become more environmentally conscious than ever before, many fashion brands have committed to ethical production. So, we couldn’t celebrate Earth Day 21, without showing you the top 3 Austrian sustainable fashion brands. As you know Austria is a role model when it comes to environmental protection. The country boasts a high development

Great finds at Mango menswear Put them on your gift list.

Men wearing the best finds from Mango menswear; tartan coat and ocher bag.

The cold has definitely arrived, and the high street label Mango has plenty of winter staples for men. To make your life easier, we went through all the available Mango menswear items and selected some great finds. We chose timeless and smart-casual pieces that will last several seasons and are affordable but look high-end. Additionally,

#CloseEyeOn: 2 fashion brands to look for faux fur coats Cozy and chic.

Woman wearing one of the cool faux fur coats by fashion label Stand Studio.

One of the coat trends we’re looking forward to wearing the most this winter is the cocoon-like faux-fur coats. If you too are obsessing with the cosy outwear trend like the most stylish Instagram fashionistas and influencepreneurs, we have here the two go-to fashion brands to look for cool faux fur coats. The growing popularity

M Missoni goes sustainable with Margherita Missoni Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

Model wearing a knitted cardigan from M Missoni pre-fall 2020 collection.

The Italian luxury fashion house Missoni is going sustainable with its M Missoni line, and we just loved the pre-fall 2020 collection.  The designer Margherita Missoni is the third generation of the fashion empire Missoni. This iconic label is known for its colourful knitwear. Last year, the mother-of-two re-launched the M Missoni line, which was