How To Achieve The “No Makeup” Look

Chanel model wearing a no makeup look from wW22-23 runway shoe

In the era of Instagram and Tik Tok, we feel the need to look perfect at all times, but then again, wearing a full face of makeup every day is exhausting, not to mention bad for your skin.
So for days when you feel like not wearing that much makeup, but you still want to look good, girls have come up with this “no makeup” look, which basically makes your skin look perfect and glowy but not “cakey”.

chanel models applying makeup in the backstage of the AW22-23 runway

And to make it even easier, follow these 7 steps to achieve the look. All inspired by the make-up from Chanel AW 22-23.

1. Soothing Serum

If you have redness in your skin, use soothing serums under your moisturizer, which will calm your skin down and reduce the redness.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

Using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream makes you look more natural while still covering your imperfections on the skin. But you want to try this water fresh tint from Chanel, which will give you a totally natural look.

3. Use Fingers

When applying makeup, use your fingers. The warmth from your hands will help with blending the products into your skin and therefore making it look more natural.

4. Cream Products

Try using as many cream products as possible, as they look much more natural on your skin. Also, avoid using too much powder because this is what makes your face “cakey”. This is another water-based product from Chanel that blends seamlessly with the skin for a sheer, weightless finish. Water-Fresh blush delivers a flushed cheek look as if you had spent a day in the great outdoors.

5. Chanel Le Volume Mascara

For a “No Makeup” look, give your eyes the best mascara. Chanel Le Volume has jojoba extracts and a flexible latex-type film, a stretch formula that lengthens and stretches lashes to infinity for an unparalleled eye-opening effect and controlled volume.

6. Bronzer

When you are warming up your skin, use the bronzer on the eyes as well. This helps the whole look come together, and it looks more natural. 

7. Highlight

For that dewy look, use a highlighter. It makes your skin look healthier, and who doesn’t love that glow? But Le Blanc is a chic rosy light to illuminate your complexion. Applied after foundation, it gives the skin a fresh, healthy, natural rosy radiance. Give all your golden highlights as a gift for your best enemy.

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