Masters of the Air: The History of the Bomber Jacket

vintage photo featuring actress Marylin Monroe visiting American Troops and wearing a leather bomber Jacket

Masters of the Air, the captivating series available on Apple TV+ since January 26, 2024, does more than recount the valiant stories of World War II’s bomber boys. It also throws the spotlight on the iconic bomber jackets that became synonymous with the American airmen’s uniforms and now symbolizes timeless style and valour. So let’s

Prada AW24 – Fashion as the Thread Weaving History

Collage with three looks from the Prada Aw24 runway at Milan Fashion Week

Miuccia Prada stands out as the sole fashion designer of our era capable of melding beauty, elegance, and femininity with an intellectual and political narrative. Alongside her co-creative director, Raf Simons, Prada has consistently topped the charts as one of the most coveted fashion brands among consumers. The Prada AW24 collection unveiled at the latest

The Story Behind the Slave Bracelets – From Slavery to Freedom.

Arms wearing several slave bracelets.

From slave trade money to a symbol of freedom Slave bracelets are bangles in copper, silver or gold. They have been worn for centuries around the world, usually several at the same time. Besides being beautiful and making a lovely clinging sound when you move, they are also a symbol of wealth and status, which

Okaloosa Island After Dark: Nightlife and Entertainment by the Sea

Surfer carrying his surfboard enter in the sea on Okaloosa Island during the sunset

On the edge of the Florida Panhandle, caressed by sparkling emerald waters, lies Okaloosa Island, visited by an estimated 1.8 million people every year. It is a veritable treasure trove of things to see and do when darkness falls, making this modest little island an enchanted retreat.Nightfall brings a fresh wave of energy to Okaloosa

Can You Achieve Glass Skin Even After Your 50s?

women in her 50s applying serum on her face to achive glass skin

Beauty-Tok alert! If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely heard about the Glass Skin beauty trend. Despite its popularity, many are still wondering if this Korean beauty routine suits all skin types. The answer is a resounding yes. And yes, you can achieve glass skin in your 50s. This article will delve into the key

Diamonds Instead of Couture Gowns is a Better Investment 

Actress Zendaya wearing a black gown and Bulgari Mediterranea necklace during the presentation of the collection in Venice

Bafta, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Fashion Weeks are a feast for the eyes of those who love the sheer beauty of fabulous gowns and high jewellery. Although couture gowns are a true work of art with highly skilled craftsmanship and a collector factor, it is the precious diamonds in high jewellery pieces that stand out

New York Fashion Week AW24 – Trends You Want to Wear Right Now

The fashion show circus has just left New York, where 97 fashion brands unveiled their Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collections. We’ve sifted through all the runways and presentations from this latest New York Fashion Week AW24 to bring you a summary of the trends you’ll want to adopt for the upcoming season. Many of these AW24 looks

Valentine’s Day – Outfits Inspo For Those in Love and Those Not Yet

vintage photo showing a couple almost kissing. The woman carries a bouquet of flowers

1 day until the day of les amoureux. No matter where on the planet you are, the streets, restaurants, and shops will be tinged with the colour of love. Although Valentine’s Day is practically aimed at lovebirds, you don’t need to have a special person by your side to celebrate the day of love. Continue

10 Ways to Wear Leggings and Fall in Love With Them Again 

Mango models showing different ways to wear leggings

Never utter ‘never again,’ particularly in the realm of fashion trends. Leggings are making a steady return, favoured by the style-savvy on Instagram. This resurgence aligns perfectly with the comeback of skinny and slim-fit denim, making a compelling case for leggings. They offer the sleek appearance of slim-fitting trousers while providing unmatched comfort. Stay with

Be Ready For Valentine’s Day- 12 facts about kissing you don’t know

Kissing is so important it has its own International Day, the 6th of July! But Valentine’s day is also an official kissing day, right? Being in love or not, you want to know that kissing is the most intimate act between two people, and besides showing affection, it is also good for your body. Yeah,

All About Fashion Weeks around the world 

Zendaya attended Fendi show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week-she is wearing a brown Fendi dress and Bulgari Jewellery

Season after season, we follow all the major Fashion Weeks eagerly around the world to see what designers have in store for the next months. The fashion industry and fashionistas from around the globe gather during Fashion Week to watch the spectacular runway shows that make history and set the tone for the colours and

Found at COS: Denim Trends to Revamp Your Wardrobe in 2024

COS model walking in a street wearing a wide leg dark denim paired with a white shirt- denim trends 2024

Did you catch our piece on the pivotal trends for SS24, or perhaps the one connecting the dots from 2023’s triumphs to 2024’s must-haves? At Notorious, we pride ourselves on distilling the essence of fashion’s cacophony, curating wearable and timeless treasures just for you. It’s impossible, then, to overlook the denim trends for 2024. Denim,

Dive into Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24: Your Ultimate Guide to 9 Must-Watch Brands 

Copenhagen Fashion Week - Gestuz line-up from SS24

Mark your calendars for a fashion extravaganza at Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24, where joy meets sustainability in high fashion. From January 29th to February 1st, 2024, immerse yourself in the Scandinavian fashion scene’s latest offerings. But here’s the scoop we adore: sustainability isn’t just a trend here; it’s a legacy that’s been celebrated since the

Mob Wife Trend: Fashion 2024 Says Basta to Minimalism.

collage with the famous film and tv series mob wives characters-jennifer lawrence-sharon stone-drea de matteo -jessica rabbit -edie falco

The internet is abuzz with the latest fashion sensation: the Mob Wife trend. It all kicked off with a TikTok video from blockchain tech guru Kayla Trivieri, boasting over 200K followers. But what exactly is the Mob Wife, a trend so striking that even Francis Coppola commented on Instagram? The father of Sofia Coppola and

IG Inspiration: What to Wear in February Fashion’s Boring Month

January wardrobe - fashionista wearing an off-white trousers and a lilac jacket

After several months of cold weather, we’re looking forward to spring and don’t feel like buying new winter clothes now, even on sale. As a result, many don’t know what to wear and end up donning the same looks repeatedly, making February the most boring month for fashion and style. But it doesn’t have to

Wild West Weekly: Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren’s Cowboy Style

Hold onto your cowboy hats, ladies and gentlemen! Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton are taking us on a stylish journey to the Wild West. This isn’t your typical hoedown – we’re talking high fashion with a Western twist. Imagine yourself in a cowboy hat, swaying in fringes, strutting in double denim, rocking a leather jacket,

Embrace 2024 with the Latest Fashion Trends and Fresh Ideas

collage showing six looks from ss24 runways that will be trendy this year

As we waltz into 2024, it’s time to shake up our style game with the hottest 2024 fashion trends. New year, new fashion. Well, sort of. Over the past few years, fashion has remained loyal to certain styles and looks. From the relaxed jeans and wide legs to the unshakeable allure of 90s and Y2K

Bulgari’s Round Pendant: 15 Years Saving Children

Black and white photo of Anne Hathaway wearing Bulgari's round pendant and rings from the Save the Children collection

For 15 years, Bulgari’s been a shining star for Save the Children Charity. Their mission? To lift kids in need all around the world. The Save the Children jewellery collection, born from this team-up, has raked over $105 million since 2009. Bulgari’s round pendant necklace and rings are a testament to Bulgari’s unwavering commitment to

Man about town: All you want to know about Dandy style 

collage with the runway looks Prada AW24 menswear- the new dandy aesthetic

When discussing the Dandy style, we naturally think of the flamboyant Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, velvet jackets and romantic shirts with frills and lace that defied 18th and 19th-century men’s fashion. Today, thanks to brands like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fursac, dandy clothing is contemporary. And pretty much wearable. So, keep scrolling to understand

Davos – From Dress Code to Sexist Codes at the WEF

Angelina Joliei n Davos at the World Economic Forum

This week, the World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos. It’s basically the rich and powerful‘s favourite hangout. Got an invite or did your company drop a cool €23,800 for your ticket? Then, you’ll want to read this. We’re talking about how to look good even when it’s freezing at minus 10°C. But there’s more

Evening Wear 2024: Emma Stone’s Red Carpet Mastery as Our Muse

Emma Stone at the London Premier of Porr Things wearing a slip dress, one of the evening wear trends 2024

Emma Stone, capturing the spotlight at the 2024 Golden Globes Awards with her Best Actress win in a Film and Comedy for her role in “Poor Things”, has also reigned supreme on the red carpets. Her dazzling appearances during the movie’s promotions and film festival circuits are a testament to her impeccable style. Just that