The self-tanner Hailey Bieber loves and how to use it correctly

We found out the secret behind Hailey Bieber’s incredibly luminous summer glow. The model and businesswoman shared on TikTok her beauty routine. Bieber explained that her body is usually more tanned because she protects her face from the sun. So, to balance the tone of her skin and get that fantastic natural sun-kissed look, Hailey Bieber uses a self-tanner she loves, and her beauty hack is how to apply it. 

The self-tanner Hailey Bieber uses

While starting to prep and moisturise her skin in the short TikTok beauty video, Hailey Bieber says she’s already applied a self-tanner by Tan-Luxe. But, unlike other self-tanning products, Bieber’s The Water has a colourless aqueous formula that smells like roses and dries quickly, so it does not stain. Sounds too good to be true? There’s more. This water-based spray also moistures and nourishes the skin, containing aloe vera, raspberry oil and vitamins B, C, and E. And, because it’s light and non-greasy, it doesn’t clog the pores. As a result, the skin looks healthy and with a natural-looking summery glow.

Our tips on how to apply a self-tanner

By now, we all know that the sun’s UV rays have short and long-term harmful effects on your skin; hence we see many safe-tan beauty products on the market. Nevertheless, many of us have already had disastrous experiences using them. That is because knowing how to apply correctly a self-tanner is crucial to achieving that dreamy and homogenous sun-kissed tan Hailey Bieber has. 

  • 1 – Exfoliating

Our first tip is to prepare your skin 24 hours before by exfoliating and moisturising dry areas. Choose an oil-free exfoliator as oily residues could prevent the skin from absorbing the self-tanning lotion.

  • 2 – Hair removal

Additionally, it is better to shave or epilate your legs for smooth skin, but make sure you do it in advance, the day before, to avoid irritation. 

  • 3 – Choose the right shade of self-tanner 

You will find several shades of self-tanners in the market. Choose a colour that looks natural; it’s better to go for a lighter shade and re-apply it if needed than something too dark for your skin colour. But, be careful; some body parts absorb more colour than others. So, apply a hydrating lotion before the self-tanner on your elbows, knees, ankles, and heels to avoid darker spots. 

  • 4 – Use Hailey Bieber’s self-tanner hack

You can do like Hailey Bieber and apply the self-tanner before bed. This way, you’ll wake up the following day with a fab summer glow. Blend the product with a tanning mitt using circular motions for an even application. You can mix self-tanning facial sprays or drops in the moisturiser you use in your night beauty routine. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes until the skin is completely dry before getting dressed.

  • 5 – Remove the excess self-tanner

When your self-tanner has developed, wash off the excess with a quick shower using only cold or lukewarm water, and towel dry by dabbing gently. This will help prevent unwanted stains on your clothes. After, apply a moisturising body lotion as the tanning agent DHA  makes skin dry. And, of course, use excellent sunscreen to maintain a Hailey Bieber healthy and ageless-looking skin.

  • 6 – What to do if you got dark spots?

If you wake up and discover you got darker streaks or spots after applying a self-tanner, even following our tips, do not despair. Instead, simply soak cotton with an alcohol-based toner and rub it on the areas. Otherwise, you can use a self-tanning remover like spray, foam, mousse, or exfoliating gloves to remove excess tan gently.

  • 7 – Our last tip

To ensure the active ingredient in your self-tanner works properly ad lasts longer, store the spray or lotion in a fresh and dark place. 

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