These are the five spring accessories that I need to update my wardrobe.

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When it is about Spring accessories it is a challenge to keep just in five items, but let’s try.

Step by step, we are all getting back to our daily routines. Shops and restaurants are open, and I am meeting a few friends. Although I am still doing home-office,  I’ve met some work colleagues and clients. However, I am not ready to go back shopping as before. I mean, I don’t want to go to a shop full of people and try on clothes or shoes that were tried before by someone else. Is it safe? Nobody knows. Paranoia? Can’t say, it is just too early for me to loosen up hygiene measures. 

Having said that, online shops are my only and favourite choice.  And to give my wardrobe a 2020 touch without shopping like an addict, this week I’ve chosen to go for Spring accessories. These little details have the power to transform and update an entire outfit.

Here are the five items that I need.

1- Sunglasses Chain

It looks like chains are everywhere; in bags (ask Bottega Veneta), shoes, on the neck. But Gucci nailed it when the Italian fashion house came out with these chunky plastic chains to hold sunglasses or even reading glasses.  It’s chic, modern and I need one.

2- Teva and Co

I will buy the original Teva hiking sandals instead of those of luxury brands. Teva is affordable, and I won’t feel super guilty if I decide I don’t want this look anymore next year. But hiking sandals with dresses, skirt or tailored trousers will definitely give a contemporary taste to my outfits.  

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You’ve heard of “business casual” but let us introduce “business adventure-ready”. #NYFW ?: @young_emperors & @chrisclintonphoto

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3- Beaded necklaces

Chains with colourful little stones in different sizes and lengths are so ’90s surfing style. I need them to fulfil my nostalgia from weekends on the beach in Brazil.  

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4- Colourful makeup

Even with half of my face behind a protective mask, I sill have room to play with my eyes. This year, the eyeshadows come in gorgeous colour palettes, bright and joyful. I’ll have my Lucy Boyton’s moment.

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5- Bucket Hat

I go out for a walk every day, and a hat is a must. Not only my sun protection cream should do the hard work to keep my skin safe from pigmentation. Fabric bucket hats are a super option for an urban spring/summer. And it’s a refreshing option to the classic and chic straw hat.  Wear it with dresses, of course, but they are perfect for pants suits.

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