Hotel Copacabana Palace: A Century of Elegance

Vintage photo of Hotel Copacabana Palace which is celebrating 100 years in 2023

In 2023, the iconic Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro stands tall, celebrating a century as the shimmering jewel of South America’s most vibrant city. Overlooking the world-famous Copacabana Beach, its storied walls have played host to Hollywood legends, rock stars, political leaders, and discerning travellers from every corner of the globe. The Birth

Les Eaux de Chanel – 6 scents for 6 Summer destinations

Les Eaux des Chanel collection inspired by 6 summer destinations important for Chanel

With her chic artsy lifestyle, Coco Chanel is undoubtedly an icon for women worldwide. And now you can be transported to her dreamiest Summer destinations, thanks to the new six Les Eaux de Chanel scents inspired by Chanel’s favourite spots. So, cure your wanderlust with these light and unisex fragrances that evoke Coco Chanel’s trips

Visiting Paris in the footsteps of Coco Chanel 

visiting paris in the footsteps of coco chanel

Notorious created this video showing the places where French fashion designer Coco Chanel walked and lived in Paris. We listed for you her favourite addresses, places of luxury and culture, that you should include in your next trip to Paris. Coco Chanel and Paris, an intertwined history As Paris Fashion Week AW22 just happened, the

Top list of the best vintage shops in Paris

Pia, daughter of selma von schonburg, in paris while hunting for the best vintage shop in paris

The fashion editor of Notorious Mag, Selma von Schönburg, is spending a year in France. And most of the time, in Paris. Tough life, Selma. With a notebook in one hand and a pile of bags in the other, Selma and her daughter Pia have created a top list of the best vintage shops and

13 best secondhand shops in Vienna Top list addresses.

Updated in January 2023- Vintage shopping has become one of the nicer sustainable practice in fashion. Not to mention that wearing something older or just with a preview story is the key to achieving the French-girl look that we all love. These are already reasons enough for us to look for the best second-hand shops

3 European Destinations for Summer 2022. Time to travel again.

Blue lagoon in Iceland

Summer is rapidly approaching, and now is the time to start thinking of where to go on vacation. Europe always offers many opportunities for all kinds of travellers, with something for everyone here. You can experience many different sites, landscapes, and activities for your dream trip, even within one destination. So, we research for you

Wanderlust – How to pack light for a gap year.  Or grey gap year.

black skirt, striped pullover, black top, nike sandals, green high heels- collage with versatile pieces to pack light for a gap year travel.

Around May and June, several young people will take a gap year and travel before starting university. Additionally, there’s a new phenomenon that’s been growing, a micro-trend, if you will, called the grey gap year. In short, retired couples are taking long-haul trips for extended periods. This is because their children have already left the

Notorious Guide to Milan – the Italian capital of luxury and fashion Shopping guide.

View of a cathedral and a street full of people in Milan, Italy

Milan is among the best destinations in Italy. This fantastic city is designed in a modern style to reflect the city’s role as bankers, commercial, capital designers, and fashionistas. Fashion is taken seriously in Milan hence the main reason it is Italy’s fashion capital. From the 3-piece suits to layered looks, you will notice different

Discovering Oslo: 7 sites to see in the capital of Scandinavian charm

sculpture at vigelands parken in oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is one of the most famous Scandinavian cities. It is known for architectural innovation, its beauty surrounded by the mountains and sea, its cold but fresh weather, and so much more. We recently wrote about Copenhagen Fashion Week and the famous Scandinavian style, so discovering Oslo is the next step

A place to stay during Paris Fashion Week: the Hotel Eminente Where Paris meets Havana.

Rum Eminente and detail of the Cuban hotel in Paris.

As we get ready for Paris Fashion Week and look for nice hotels, we’ve stumbled on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the best the French capital has to offer while also experiencing the Cuban way of life. You must be wondering how is that possible, right? So, keep reading to discover the pop-up Hotel Eminente,

10 hotels with highest quality toiletries

Bathroom form Hotel Maria Christina in Bilbao, one f the 10 hotels with the highest quality toiletries

Women love to be pampered. Nothing makes us feel more special than entering a hotel bathroom to find all the fabulous beauty products waiting for us. Therefore, we have created a list of the hotels with the highest quality toiletries. Travellers have higher and higher expectations, whether on vacations or business trips. When choosing where

Boat etiquette: how to be the perfect guest Must read.

woman in shorts on a boat reading her laptop

So, you’ve been invited to a friend’s boat? Fabulous. You know what they say: the best boat is a friend’s boat, no expenses, no maintenance headaches, no dealing with the crew, just fun, fun, fun! But be sure you know how to behave on a boat, or your friends will never invite you a second time. And here comes

Sacher Pop-Up World: see the Austrian hotel’s treasures For history and coffee lovers.

Table set from the Austrian hotel in the exhibition Sacher Pop-Up World.

The iconic Austrian Hotel Sacher didn’t stay idle during the pandemic. In fact, the luxurious home to the Sacher Torte spent the last few months going through its vaults and safes to curate the hotel’s historical treasures, which are now on display for a short time in the exhibition Sacher Pop-Up World. A treat for

Immune boost trips: the new super high luxury destinations Richer and healthier.

Although I wouldn’t mind a little escapade to Capri or Biarritz, what I really want, right now, is an immune boost trip to one of these super high luxury destinations. In fact, the new darling destinations of rich and famous jet-setters promise more than just relaxation, they offer intense programmes that fuse high-tech medicine with

Sharing the bread: the best bakeries in Vienna And its stories.

Eating a croissant from one of the best organic bakeries in Vienna.

This may come as a surprise to you, but despite people thinking croissants and baguettes come from France, the fact is the French have to thank Austria for their delicious bread and pastry. Because, yes, the Croissant and Semmel were created in the best bakeries in Vienna, before the Austrians exported them to France. Ça

Famous Paintings and Their Real-Life Inspiration A master piece travel.

Monet's Garden at Giverny

While we are admiring the famous paintings, we rarely ask ourselves who or what has inspired those painters for the creation of such masterpieces. This question doesn’t arise in the case with portraits but what about landscapes, cityscapes, complex plots? Are they real-life inspirations? The origins of the inspiration of old famous paintings will be

Best shops in Vienna to buy fashion Out of the 1st district.

The beautiful capital of Austria has more to offer than just waltz and Wiener Schnitzel; it is an international melting pot and a great place to buy fashion, with plenty of luxury fashion houses in its city centre. But the best shops for fashion in Vienna are as diverse as its inhabitants; this is why

Vienna invites you to have the best Summer in the Park.  Food, music and sun.

Evening view of the historic Kursalon Hübner in the Stadtpark, Vienna.

If you’re spending summer in Vienna, we have your back. It will be as fantastic as the city. Let’s start with the event Summer in the Park, a unique gastronomic oasis for every taste. Under the motto “City vacation instead of vacation”, the event at the historic Kursalon Hübner in the Stadtpark, right in the