12 facts about kissing you don’t know

Kissing is so important it has its own International Day, the 6th of July! But Valentine’s day is also an official kissing day, right? Being in love or not, you want to know that kissing is the most intimate act between two people, and besides showing affection, it is also good for your body. Yeah,

Top list of the best vintage shops in Paris

Pia, daughter of selma von schonburg, in paris while hunting for the best vintage shop in paris

The fashion editor of Notorious Mag, Selma von Schönburg, is spending a year in France. And most of the time, in Paris. Tough life, Selma. With a notebook in one hand and a pile of bags in the other, Selma and her daughter Pia have created a top list of the best vintage shops and

The best gift guide for the loves of your life. Time to give back.

woman carrying lots of shopping bag in a busy gallery with shops

The most beautiful time of the year is here. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s a time for giving and receiving. Like us, you probably have a list that starts with your family members, then friends, and lastly, the people you are obligated to gift. In this article, Notorious has created the best

13 best secondhand shops in Vienna Top list addresses.

Updated in January 2023- Vintage shopping has become one of the nicer sustainable practice in fashion. Not to mention that wearing something older or just with a preview story is the key to achieving the French-girl look that we all love. These are already reasons enough for us to look for the best second-hand shops

Notorious Guide to Milan – the Italian capital of luxury and fashion Shopping guide.

View of a cathedral and a street full of people in Milan, Italy

Milan is among the best destinations in Italy. This fantastic city is designed in a modern style to reflect the city’s role as bankers, commercial, capital designers, and fashionistas. Fashion is taken seriously in Milan hence the main reason it is Italy’s fashion capital. From the 3-piece suits to layered looks, you will notice different

My 7 addresses to buy Second-hand clothes online Circular thinking.

woman sitting on a chair, wearing second hand clothes from Vestiaire Collective

Sustainability, unique style, and budget are some reasons that make me fond of second-hand shopping. Hunting for that special designer item you love from the ’80s and ’90s allows you to create a signature wardrobe with old and new pieces, like an authentic French girl. Additionally, with these 7 addresses to buy second-hand clothes online,

Discovering Oslo: 7 sites to see in the capital of Scandinavian charm

sculpture at vigelands parken in oslo

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is one of the most famous Scandinavian cities. It is known for architectural innovation, its beauty surrounded by the mountains and sea, its cold but fresh weather, and so much more. We recently wrote about Copenhagen Fashion Week and the famous Scandinavian style, so discovering Oslo is the next step

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 3 types of Mums It's their turn to be spoiled.

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure you want to show your love and gratitude to the one person that always has and always will love you unconditionally, no matter what. So, why not spoil your mother with one of our fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas? Keep scrolling to check our gift

Immune boost trips: the new super high luxury destinations Richer and healthier.

Although I wouldn’t mind a little escapade to Capri or Biarritz, what I really want, right now, is an immune boost trip to one of these super high luxury destinations. In fact, the new darling destinations of rich and famous jet-setters promise more than just relaxation, they offer intense programmes that fuse high-tech medicine with

What were the most googled fashion trends in 2020? You'll never guess.

The Indie style trending on TikTok is among the most googled fashion trends in 2020.

Despite what everybody’s talked about during this pandemic year, you will be surprised to know that jogging pants and athleisure were not among the top ten most googled fashion trends in 2020. In fact, what the search engine has just shown us is that you can wear tracksuits, cosy sweaters and house shoes for only

The best Christmas movies from the ’40s to watch now Get into the holiday spirit.

Judy Garland in Meet Me in St Louis, a Christmas movie from 1944

What better time than now, to start with our Christmas movies watch list! Everybody has favourite films to watch around this time of the year. For many, the movie that puts them into the festive spirit is Love Actually. For others, The Grinch is a common front runner. But this year, the movie list we composed is

Sharing the bread: the best bakeries in Vienna And its stories.

Eating a croissant from one of the best organic bakeries in Vienna.

This may come as a surprise to you, but despite people thinking croissants and baguettes come from France, the fact is the French have to thank Austria for their delicious bread and pastry. Because, yes, the Croissant and Semmel were created in the best bakeries in Vienna, before the Austrians exported them to France. Ça

Best shops in Vienna to buy fashion Out of the 1st district.

The beautiful capital of Austria has more to offer than just waltz and Wiener Schnitzel; it is an international melting pot and a great place to buy fashion, with plenty of luxury fashion houses in its city centre. But the best shops for fashion in Vienna are as diverse as its inhabitants; this is why

Fatherhood disclosed in 10 Netflix films and series Freud explains.

#blackAF series on Netflix

As we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day, we selected 10 Netflix films and series that speak about fatherhood, even if in unconventional ways, to get you in the spirit. Molly’s Game High-stakes underground poker game Based on a true story, Molly’s Game tells how Molly Bloom, a former professional skier who moves to L.A.,

12 Fashion films and series on Netflix For fashionistas and fashion lovers.

Poster for Netflix series Girlboss

If you’re looking for something to watch on TV, we selected some great fashion films and series on Netflix. These fashion films and series are a fantastic source of outfit inspiration. And a way to know more about designers and fashion history. Next in fashion As we already told you, Next in Fashion is the

5 astonishing summer places in Austria Who needs to travel abroad?

Europe’s largest waterfalls, the Krimml waterfalls, in Austria.

We may not have the sea, but there are so many fabulous summer places in Austria that you won’t even mind not being able to travel abroad because of the coronavirus. We already presented some of our favourite places in What to wear if you spend the summer in Austria. Here are this week’s top

10 things you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth II Long live the Queen!

Queen Elisabeth climbing a stair during an opening in london

To celebrate the 94th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II today, here are ten things we bet you didn’t know about the British monarch. Sleeping in the dungeons To be safer during WWII, the young Elizabeth and her sister Margaret stayed at Windsor Castle. When they heard the air-raid sirens, they had to hide and sleep

Top 10 restaurants with food delivery in Vienna Yes, It's ok during Coronavirus quarantine.

Food delivery bicycle in front of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Is food delivery in Vienna a good option in times of Coronavirus quarantine? Whether alone or with the entire family in lockdown, you may already be tired of cooking every day. Also, you may have run out of ideas or time. Because, even if we’re staying home, this doesn’t mean we’re not working. As a

The 7 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vienna Delicious and healthy? Yes, we can!

creative collage of a small man cutting a huge vegetarian sandwich with a huge knife

Although the Viennese cuisine is famous for its Wienerschnitzel and other meat dishes, there are many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vienna. And because there are so many options, you can get a bit lost. So we selected the best vegetarian restaurants to help you quench your craving for a healthy snack or a